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kelli – sneak peek!

January 28, 2010

I know it gets redundant, but it’s REALLY flat out torture to do bridal sessions and know you have to wait about 40 days to share them with the world.

This girl is beautiful, folks.


yo seniors. check it.

January 21, 2010

So here’s the deal.

If you’re a senior (in high school), and you haven’t booked a senior session yet, DO IT NOW.

Why, you ask? If you book your session within the next two weeks, 50% of your session fee will go directly towards Haiti relief work.


You have now until February 5th, so don’t hesitate to e-mail me at

Here are some samples of graduation announcements for 2010.


East Side Bride

January 21, 2010

Remember the magical mountain horse ranch beautiful outdoor wedding of Brie and Kiwi?

East Side Bride just posted a sweet article about it. Check out out!

I have Texas Tech Med School to thank for these two.

Jessica is in med school, which requires A LOT of studying, which requires A LOT of caffeine. Remember that time I used to work at Starbucks? Yep, I made Jessica’s latte many a time, and I always enjoyed her bubbly personality and eagerness to begin her day.

It was so great to meet her fiance, Keeton, and to see how perfectly they fit each other. To top of the whole perfect fit thing… want to know something awesome and hilarious? They met on the Texas Tech meat judging team. How fantastic is that?! Since my husband was on the meat judging team for a year, I feel like I have the credibility to giggle at that :)



i love how she’s looking at him in this one








so many fun laughs!




a little heads up.

January 14, 2010

I decided something recently, and I’m finally going to type it into words.

After thinking about the new year and evaluating how 2009 played out, it got me to thinking about my weekends. I know it’s something every wedding photographer faces, because most of the world has weekends as their “off days,” and we end up working most of those days. Yeah, I know, “you can take Monday off!” Okay, sure, and go bowling by myself, after a nice cup of lonely coffee and then go play a solo match of tennis? I kid I kid.

Let me clarify one thing. I AM NOT feeling sorry for myself one bit, because I am SO blessed that God has provided lovely couples who want me to capture their wedding day. That is a flat out honor and privilege. But here’s the thing, what is more important than being a photographer is being a wifey. One who is around when my hubby is off work. Not saying he needs me to be around, because I’m sure he’d be just fine playing Call of Duty all Saturday long (love you!), however, I want to be around. And when friends come and stay in our home for the weekends, I want to be able to cook them breakfast and catch up on each others lives, instead of peace out before they even wake up.

So, after thinking over these things, and praying and weighing pros and cons, I decided one simple thing.

With already 16 weddings booked for this year, I’m only taking five more weddings for 2010.

You can check out my calendar at to see my available weekends, or feel free to e-mail me for any questions.

In short, what does this mean for you? Well, girls with a ring on your finger, you best step it up and contact me!! And boys, ehem, men, who have not yet put said ring on finger, I suggest you do so :)

Now I’ve reached the point in my blog post where I should post a picture… Hmmm… OH! Here’s part of a Sample Album that I just finished up… Bright colors make me happy.


These two are a special pair. For many many reasons, but one for sure stuck out, and our conversation went something like this:

me: So do you think you guys will live in Lubbock after you’re married?

them: Well, we really hope to live in Africa.


So yes, we had some great conversation, lots of laughs, and they sure did make some purdy pictures.




i wonder what i said….








davis family

January 11, 2010

This family is super awesome. They were a big part of Redeemer when they lived in here in Lubbock, and now Will is getting his MBA at Harvard… no big deal ;)

They were visiting over the Holidays, so we threw together a mini-session. I gotta admit, I always feel a bit limited when shooting indoors, but the sweet folks at The Watson Building let us use their facilities, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! It’s simple and beautiful and the light was just gawwwgeous.

Anyhow, here are some of my favorites from our session that took place right before their birthday parties (hence the 1 and 3 shirts!)










some sweet father/daughter time



January 6, 2010

Even though it feels nothing like Spring, it is most definitely “spring” semester. Which means a lot of peeps are graduating so soon!

One of them being sweet miss Makenzie. This session was a perfect start to the new year, and got me so exciting for other senior sessions coming up.

Thanks, Makenzie (and her sweet mother!) for filling our session with great conversation, lots of giggles, and a supermodel :)











girl you are beeaauuutiful!






here’s how this one came about:

makenzie: i just think it would be really cool to sit in the back of a limo or something

me: okay….  let’s go ask!

and badda bing, White Knights Limousine hooked us up bigtime.


howell family

January 5, 2010

Ty and I go back to my Starbucks days. She was a fellow barista, and she spilled many a frappuccino on my shoe :)

I kid I kid, but really, we had some good times, and I’m glad we’ve kept in touch since I’ve stopped working there. If anyone out there goes to Ty’s Starbucks, I’m sure you’ve been graced with her lovely presence, and you’ve probably been told some hilarious stories as well.

Anyhow, her family was all in town over Christmas, so we did the quickest session known to man. It’s not every day your whole fam comes to Lubbock!

All the kiddos



Kiddos with dad



love this one



the aftermath of a jumping shot… love their reactions!


aaaand this one made my heart melt.


hello, 2010.

January 4, 2010

I come to you all with another blog post that doesn’t include a wedding or a senior or a family – just a little bit of jibba jabba.

I’m back in Lubbock, and it’s been an AWESOME vacation, and I hope you all can say the same about your time off. We recently spend the past 4 days with friends in Ingram, Texas, staying in a house on the river, and it was the most relaxing, enjoyable time we’ve had in a while. It was filled with ladder balls, dance parties, deep conversations, kayaking, game playing… and the list goes on and on. One really special thing about our time is that our friend Dillon was in town for Christmas before he went back to Ranger training. He graced us with his stories and experiences, and we got to pray with him before he left. But man… I was just pleasantly overwhelmed with some good, quality friend time. I’m SO thankful.

And then to top it all off, we went to the Alamo Bowl and cheered on Texas Tech to WIN! It was an awesome game, and I actually decided to enjoy the game from the stands instead of taking pictures… it was fun for a change :) Go Red Raiders.

Well, I think I’ve reached the point in my blog post where I feel somewhat obligated to list some New Years resolutions. I mean, it’s not something I religiously do every year or anything, but I’m particularly excited about them this year… so here goes…

1. Read one book every month this year. I LOVE to read. But it’s something I rarely make time for. So that will change :)

2. Be more consistent and intentional about using photography for the good of Lubbock, Texas. I love being able to give back to the community, because God has given me a unique gift to be able to use in unique situations. This past year, I took pictures for The Bridge and YoungLife, and I loved getting to help out in such a small way. So this year, more opportunities like that will most definitely be pursued.

3. Learn how to do a hand stand. Call me lame if you want to, but after we broke out into an hour long session of trying to do hand stands, with little success, I knew it would become a new goal of mine.

4. Recycle. There’s no reason it shouldn’t happen, other than the fact that I’m lazy.

5. Record music with my hubby. Some of you might not know this about me, but I used to play and sing and stuff. Jordan and I would play at coffeeshops and whatnot, and it was something that we both really enjoyed. Well, sad to say, when life gets a little crazy, things like music somehow find the cracks and slip away. Of course there are random nights that turn into a little sing-a-long time, but for the most part, we cut it out. So yes, we are going to at least record the stuff we used to play, and maybe that will turn into something we do more often? Who knows. If you want to have a little chuckle, you can check out our ghetto myspace pages from back in the day… hahaha. Here’s mine, and his. Enjoy laughing your butt off.

So there you have it, folks. Feel free to hold me accountable on those things, except maybe don’t expect me to show you my hand stand at a wedding or something. And thanks to all my awesome clients and supporters who have made 2009 a wonderful year!

And just because it’s weird to post without including a photo, here is our silly dog playing in the snow.