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sweet miss mary

February 24, 2010

I know Mary because of photography.

She contacted me, we talked photography, and the rest is history! She’s a freshman at ACU and is one of the most young, driven photographers I know. It was an honor and a joy to take her belated senior pictures :)

Thanks for being an inspiration to many, miss Mary.







free as a bird :)






austin – senior

February 23, 2010

Oh, sweet Austin.

I remember when he was a pesky little junior high kiddo :) I can say that only because I was his youth intern who had to put up with his shananigans. But in all honesty, he was a joy to be around even when he was the kid tapping me on the shoulder and then trying to hide and make me look the opposite way. Who am I kidding? I even do that.

Anyhow, it’s been so so so cool to see how much Austin has grown to love God more and more each day. My heart was so encouraged after hearing Austin talk so passionately about the great things the Lord has done in his heart. SO COOL. Then, of course, his ADD would kick in and he would try to throw rocks at birds or something… Haha we laughed a lot.

Here he is, folks.











let me end with something a little special… I will TRY to paint this lovely picture for you all. So, Austin and I are finishing up our session and headed South on University. I thought I was imagining things when I saw four horses up ahead on the side of the road, but as we got closer, my vision proved to be in fact true. There were four dudes riding their horses, trying to cross University. And I think it’s important to know that this is basically a residential area. I’ll stop typing and go ahead and let the picture speak for itself, but I’m confident in saying that seeing these four guys taking their horses on a stroll made our days. Thanks, random dudes.


tiffany + danny – engagement

February 18, 2010

I love love love meeting new couples. Well, not new to each other (obviously), but new to me, by golly! In fact, these two have been together about six years – so fun!

We had a good time cruisin’ the Lubbock streets while getting to know each other better, too. All I’m sayin’ is that when you get on my blog in May, you might be seeing some SWEET dancing photos from their wedding. I was warned that Danny has some mad moves that are only brought out on special occasions :)


so happy and sunkissed





fierce and beautiful!!



I did not touch her eyes in this photo. No, I’m SO serious. Her eyes are THAT gorgeous!!






they’re just so cute and in love :)



February 9, 2010

A couple nights ago, we went out to celebrate Aric’s birthday. A little Dions + Bowling + The Office = a goooooood time.

Bowling Alleys are awesome. And so is Lullaby Lubbock. And so is Ella!


the birthday boy and his hot wifey


gummy bears and bowling. score!


Allison proved herself as Master of the Claw… she got like three stuffed animals and a shirt from those claw things! Be amazed, people.


soooo sweet.


finally!! a picture of Ella and I. I just love her.


I’m alive! I promise!

February 2, 2010

I know I’m not the only person who simply cannot believe it’s FEBRUARY. January was a good month. Texas Tech kicking butt at the Alamo Bowl was definitely a fantastic start, and the rest of the month was filled with a handful of photo sessions, lots of friend time, and some flat out good soul rest.

I’ve learned in my days (as if I’m old and wise or something?!) that down time can easily be filled with busyness, but nothing that holds much value at all. And as someone who values productivity, that’s usually my go to when I have time to spare. I’ll just find little things to fill my time and feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, when really, not so much the case.

I put a stop to that biz-nass.

January was filled with READING (one of my new years resolutions was to read a book a month… I’m totally on track). Casey let me borrow Francine Rivers’ The Mark of the Lion series, and I’m officially hooked. I’ve never been a huge fiction person, and I think it’s mainly because I had this crazy notion that if I’m reading, then I need to be learning something in the process (see?? I have productivity issues!!). But not only is that ridiculous, it’s completely false! I’m halfway through the second book, and I’ve never been so reminded of God’s grace, and how He seeks out his children and pursues us with His love. The only problem is that I’m a big sharer… So when Jordan comes home from work, I’m all excited about the latest happenings in my book, and how it’s affected my heart, so I struggle to tell him what’s going on. He’s so patient :)

January was also filled with lots of friend time. SO GOOD. Catching up, sitting by the fire, going on bike rides… Just good old fashioned fun. And oh my goodness, I forgot how awesome empty weekends are!!

I know this part is kind of boring, but it really has been so good to get caught up on paperwork, taxes, you know… the FUN side of business.

Here’s the bottom line though… It really shouldn’t take me having a slow-ish month to have time for things like these. It’s all about making time for valuable things, and being intentional about it. So in the middle of June, PLEASE ask me if I’ve made time for little pockets of soul rest.

Oh yeah, Lubbock got some snow/ice. That was fun. Here’s our hammock.


and here’s Deuce… attempting to eat the icicles on our torn screen door :)