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cooper’s baby shower

January 29, 2011

I gotta brag on my friends a little bit. A lotta bit. They’re amazing, and they threw us the greatest baby shower known to man!

First off, Allison & Jordan are the most gifted party planners/throwers I know, so the fact they were both hostesses, along with all of my other talented friends, made for a pretty shweet party.

My friends know I love popcorn, and it is most definitely one of my weaknesses in life, so they went with a “brittany is ready to POP” theme. I mean, seriously, every single detail tied into the theme in some awesome, creative way, and it was so fun to see it come all together!

I’ll post a couple photos that Jordan took, but if you want the fo real rundown, visit Allison’s blog post on the partay, along with Jordan’s post on Kojo Designs

Check out these invites. Jordan designed them (isn’t she SO good??)


and all the popcorn. goodness gracious it was delicious.


fun decorations


i just love it!!


all the guests wrote on these cards for Cooper. I can’t wait to read them to him someday.


Aside from all of the decorations, fun ideas, and so much time that went into this celebration, the most amazing part was feeling so much love, and knowing that we’re experiencing something so great with our friends and family. Throughout the entire day, I just couldn’t find the words to express how grateful we were¬† or how much we appreciated everything – super humbling and comforting. Cooper is already one loved kiddo – that’s fo sho.

baby mckenna

January 24, 2011

Life has been so full lately. Full, in the best way possible. I feel like we’ve had such good times with friends and family and it makes my heart so happy.

Some of you might know our current, awesome living situation. We have a full house of seven people, and it couldn’t be more fun! If you want to know more about that, you can check out this blog post Allison did – it spells it all out pretty well.

Anyhow, Bob and Allison brought McKenna into this world three weeks ago, and it has been amazing getting to be a part of all their life’s changes and excitement. Not to mention the great practice we get before our little Cooper comes into this world. Although, I keep having to remind myself that most babies DO cry, unlike McKenna :) Really, though. We’ve learned so much from this family, and life has been so much richer getting to share in all of it with them.

And maybe I’ve been a little camera happy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here’s Ella, hanging with Allison before she went back for her C-section.


Last family photo of three!


McKenna is here! She is just perfect. And yes, Allison JUST had a child in these photos, and yes, she is so stinkin beautiful.





McKenna’s first photo session.



aaaand her second photo session… :)



interview with Amy-Rose

January 9, 2011

Hey folks.

Amy-Rose King is doing a pretty sweet project of interviewing Lubbock photographers, and featuring them on her blog. We grabbed coffee last week and got to know each other a bit (so fun!) and then we went out and she took my picture. I’m so awkward in front of the camera… for real.

Thanks, Amy-Rose, for the coffee and for taking the time to chit chat!

You can check out the interview here.

1101 iola

January 5, 2011

It’s official. Jordan and I put our old house on the market. But it’s not just our “old house.” Jordan bought it when he was a sophomore in college, so when we got married two years later, it became our little home together. I’ll never forget, the summer we got married, Jordan and his family went crazy on that house when I was out of town one weekend, and they tiled, painted, replaced fixtures, and probably did a million other things I never even knew about.

For the last 3 and 1/2 years, that house has become so special to us. I tried not getting too sentimental and preggo-emotional about it, but when I started thinking of all the fun times we’ve had in it, and all the people we’ve done life with in it, I just couldn’t help but to get teary. It’s funny how many memories a house can bring. I guess it makes sense though.

Anyhow, here’s a link to our casa. Check it out. It’s been good to us :)

And here are some pictures if you don’t feel like clicking on the link.


the kitchen


living room



master bedroom




guest room #1


guest room #2


guest bathroom