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Archive for March, 2011

pineapple & cinnamon tea

March 21, 2011

I’m 39 weeks. HOLY COW. In one week, Jordan and I will be holding our little man, and we can hardly wait!! I really have enjoyed being preggo. It’s been a mostly easy, super fun and exciting time and although my body is definitely starting to slow down, I couldn’t be more thankful for how smoothly everything has gone so far. Thank you, Jesus, for that. And who knows. Since I had my last pre-Cooper photo session last week, my next blog post could very well be about our baby boy.

We had a doc appointment this morning, and were told Mr. Cooper isn’t too anxious to make his entrance into the world… So Allison did some research this morning and we made a list of all the things I should start eating and doing to get this going into labor thing rolling. So, needless to say, after a trip to United, I have been eating pineapple all day (yes, my tongue is raw), sipping on some cinnamon tea, trying to incorporate spicy food into my diet, and walking. And I do plan on starting tomorrow off with an exciting session of Wii Zumba. Oooo… or Wii Just Dance. Decisions decisions.

Anyhow, Aric & Casey outdid themselves again. They took some belly pictures last week, and I love love love them!

Aric had a vision for this one… and boy did they nail it!







March 17, 2011

Oh how I love this family. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve taken their picture, and I LOVE that. It’s been so much fun to watch Jake grow up, and now to see him as a big brother to his sweet baby sister. My heart is full :)



dear jake – you have my heart.


what a good lookin’ family, huh?





you can get one of these adorable hats from Lullaby Lubbock’s Etsy Shop!





March 15, 2011

I might have snuggled Nate longer than I actually took pictures of him, but how can I resist?! And look at that hair. It’s amazing.




I love how when babies yawn, ALL of them yawns. On second thought, maybe that’s how we all yawn, but I guess babies are the only ones getting pictures taken of them yawning? Haha who knows…