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Archive for May, 2011

cassie mae beloved

May 25, 2011

One of Cooper’s gifts from our Clovis shower has quickly become one of our favorites. Yes, it’s so cute, and yes it’s functional and soft and yadda yadda yadda, but I just loved the story behind it all!

It’s a blanket from Cassie Mae Beloved… Check it out.

Here’s how it works… Once Cassie Mae Beloved receives an order, they discuss the “feel” the client wants the blanket to have. From there, they put together a few looks to choose from. After final decisions are made, the blanket goes into production and there is a two week turnaround  (which is AWESOME!) All blankets are custom made to order, so every blanket is special and unique to the kiddo. And there are lots of fun sizes to choose from, too.

Once the kiddo has their blanket, they send a picture in with their new fav blanket. Cassie Mae then updates the blog, and shows the blog world all of these growing bambinos with their awesome new blankets. So much fun.

Here Cooper is, lovin’ life.



Blog world, meet my brother (in-law) Layne, and his lovely fiance, Laurie. These two are stinkin’ cute, and they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. It all started in their horticulture class… Layne had to work hard to get Laurie’s attention, but after plenty of tries, she couldn’t resist! Which is kinda funny… because Jordan and I had a horticulture class together back in the day, and that’s where he tried to sweep me off my feet by yelling out in class things like, “no, Brittany, I will not make out with you!” I’m guessing Layne went a different route in the flirting arena, but I guess we all ended up in the same place!

Anyhow, we took some pictures a couple months ago for their Save the Dates, and then waited to do the rest of their pictures so we could have some green :)




love this :)


love layne’s face in this one… goober!





laurie – you’re beautiful!!!





Love love LOVED this session! It was my first for real session since my little man was born… Talk about a good way to jump back into things. These two were a joy to be around and I loved getting a peek into their fun-loving relationship. And Megan is the cutest dresser ever, and can pull off some rockin’ heels like no one I know.













booth family

May 1, 2011

I knew the time would come when the Booths would move away. But hot dang, it sure did come faster than I could have ever imagined.

I’m totally not going to get all emotional in this blog post, because I’m suppressing all of those emotions until later… You know, until they’re actually gone, so that way I’ll be sitting at home with a newborn all by myself, wishing I could hear McKenna’s sweet giggle, or hear Saved by the Bell playing in the other room, knowing Ella is absolutely loving every second. Or having Allison to talk to or hang out with at any given point throughout the day… Or laughing at Bob’s constant stream of jokes… I guess I just got emotional. What can ya do.

It’s been a fun season. We’ve gone from acquaintances to friends to roommates with this sweet family. And my camera likes them, too. From fun in the sunflowers, Christmas Card pictures, to Birthday Parties, and other randomness, and most recently, sweet baby McKenna coming into the world. Goodness… so much fun.

Okay, but onto the reason I’m writing all of this jibba jabba. It only made sense that they had one last family session here in the LBK. So here it is folks.

Of course our dogs have become BFF as well.