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Morena trip to San Carlos

March 21, 2012

Yes, we have a name for ourselves. I know, it’s so cheesy. But if it makes it any better, it didn’t happen intentionally… Someone else gave us the name and it stuck.

You see, we’ve gone to San Carlos, Mexico three times, and the first time we were there, a guy told us we were the Morenas (brunettes) because at the time we were. Now Lindi is a blondie. But morena y rubio just doesn’t have the same ring to it :)

What’s also great is that we all have jobs that allow us to have a spring break, so we get to pretend like we’re in college again and go to Mexico for spring break. Hold your horses though… it’s not your typical Mexico spring break. My parents have a place in a fun little retirement community, so instead of being around a bunch of fit, tan, hot little college bodies, we got to be around a bunch of fun-loving, “mature” folks. Haha. It was great fun, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here we are the first night at a party in the neighborhood


Coop was living it up – hanging with dude, meeting LOTS of grandmas, and playing the drums.


And we danced the night away.


Ahhh the pool. We were out by the pool before 9 a.m. almost every day. So wonderful.


My parents. They’re pretty great.  2012-03-21_005

The morenas + Coop on the beach



Maybe one of my favorite pictures of Coop ever. He turned into such a little boy all the sudden.




Golf carts are the mode of transportation in San Carlos… Coop was a big fan of golf cart rides with Dude and Mimi


One night, we saran wrapped my dad’s friend’s golf cart… Haha.



And here we are at the airport, about to head home…. Until next time!


I think the only appropriate way to start this post it to take a real quick down memory lane…


Hilary, Amy and I go way back. We met our freshman year of college, lived together for three years, and now we all pretend to be adults and stuff. The photo above was back in college, right before we left to go prank some friends – pretty hardcore. I almost posted a few more, but they were a little too embarrassing :) And I don’t want to get off track, because the focus of this post is the fact the Hil is getting married to John!!

John is a goober, and Hil laughs at him. It’s a pretty sweet thing they’ve got going on :)



John is a pilot, so we went up to his hanger and took some pictures with the plane he flies.



one of my favorites. you two look goooood.


ow owww!!









February Recap

March 7, 2012

February sure flew by in a hurry, and I clearly haven’t been taking many photos lately. Which is crazy, because we went to Boston a couple weeks ago. Who goes to Boston and doesn’t take pictures?? I do. It rained the whole time, so my camera was snug in my suitcase the whole time.

So, Boston. We went there for Admitted Students Welcome at Harvard Business School. Lots of speakers and social events and whatnot. It was really fun, and it was good to get an idea of what it’s all going to be like when we move. Yep, WHEN we move. Jordan sent in the deposit last week, so we are for sure moving to Boston at the end of the summer. Cuhh-razy!

Anyhow, I’m about to head to Midland and do an engagement session of a dear friend of mine, so that will be on the blog soon!

What else have we been up to? Well, I’ve actually been using my sewing machine a lot! I got it for last Christmas, and needless to say, it’s taken me a while to get acquainted with it :) You’ll see a lot of what I’ve been doing when Cooper’s first birthday rolls around. I’m afraid that until then, we’re most definitely in the unfinished stages of everything.

On a random note, Cooper’s friend, Benzing, came over with a sweet Valentine’s Day present. So of course we had to make them pose for a picture.


And on another random note, our roommate Chris had a birthday last week, so I made him this Collar Stay holder. One time I heard him say collar stays were the worst invention ever because he always loses them, so I got him what every 26-year-old male wants – a handmade gift!! Haha. I first saw this design when Allison made a crayon holder for Ella, and I followed this tutorial on it. I’m not the most patient sewer (orrrr seamstress?? haha), hence the crookedness, but it’ll get the job done!