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I’m already so excited about this summer. We’re going to have mini reunions throughout the next few months because of so many weddings and wedding festivities, it just makes me giddy. And I’m super thankful we’ll get to spend so much time with friends before we peace out to Boston.

Timmy and Lindsay got married on Cinco de Mayo, and it was so so so fun. And beautiful and perfect and all things good. Courtney Ryburn took their wedding photos – you should most definitely check them out here. She captured their day beautifully! We also got to see the Booths, which is a major bonus as well.



And now, onto Hilary’s Bachelorette Weekend. I took Hil and John’s engagement photos a couple months ago. We spent the whole weekend in Ingram, Texas, and basically hung out the whole time. It was so chill, so enjoyable, and so fun celebrating hil. And if you’re wondering where my sweet Cooper was the whole time, he was with his all-star dad, who had some quality Coop-time the whole weekend!

We started out going to Becker Winery and did some wine tasting and a tour.



A random guy started doing card tricks at the winery… That doesn’t happen every day.


Then went to dinner at a place called Grapejuice in downtown Kerrville.


On our drive home, we decided to stop and take pictures with the two wild flowers we saw on the side of the road.


Then Amy jumped in a wheat field.


Layne (my bro-in-law) and Laurie graduated from Texas Tech this past weekend, and it was so much fun to celebrate with them. It was most definitely bitter sweet, because now they officially live 3 and 1/2 hours northeast of us on a farm, instead of 3 minutes down the road. Sad day. But I do think it’s pretty impressive they straight up own a farm and are living it up in the middle of nowhere. Pretty neato.

Jordan and I already talk about how we’re going to send our kids to the farm during the summer to help uncle Layne and aunt Laurie. You know, so they can learn what hard work REALLY is :)

Anyhow, here they are – the graduated couple!


Selena took these at graduation. So cute.


Laurie with her nephew, Trevor.


Family picture time!








Coop & Trev had a big time




I think Trevor inspired Cooper to take this walking thing a little more seriously.






OUR Family Session!

May 7, 2012

Hey friends. Remember when I took Shanna and her family’s pictures back in December? Well, we did a little session swapage, and she took our pictures a couple weeks ago. The timing was perfect, because I knew I wanted pictures to capture our family here in Lubbock, before we peace out to Boston. Yes, I’m aware we still have a few months left, but I know it’s going to fly by, right before my eyes!

So check out Shanna’s blog. She posted some of her favorites from our session. She’s a sweetheart.

Sometimes an entire WEEK will pass until I realize I hadn’t taken a picture our of every day life with my DSLR… I just whip out the ol iphone at any given time and call it good. But ya know, convenience is a lovely thing, and I’m glad it’s so easy to capture little moments throughout our day. Here are some of my favorites as of late.

We got a bike seat for Coop from Nana and Papa. We looove our bike rides.



silly silly


easter egg basket on your head? why not?



sweet times with coop and Amy at the park


Last weekend we had a garage sale. Holy cow. TONS of stuff.


It was so much fun! And a great excuse to spend all day with sweet friends


So I’ve made a few shirts using my Silhouette and freezer paper. I’m so not a perfectionist, so I always tell people not to look too close, but it’s pretty fun. Uncle Layne and Aunt Laurie had an intramural basketball game, so we went and supported the Nautical Unicorns.


My friend Keina said she needed some motivation for running… So here is her very homemade, imperfect motivation :)