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The Everyday Stuff

August 26, 2012

I’m going to start a little something called “The Everyday Stuff,” for the random every day things that go on, and really have no relation to each other. I want to remember all of the stories that go along with these hodgepodge pictures I take with the ol iphone, so here we go…

One day I went for a run… I started running and didn’t want to back track, so I just kept running (yes, you can read this in a Forrest Gump voice) until I came to a bridge. Needless to say, it was a waaaay longer run than normal, but it was so fun to stumble upon this view!


Here are some other pretty sites while walking/running/yogging up and down the Charles River.2012-08-25_011

My little helper. This is what we use to bring our groceries from the car up to the apartment. The trusty ol cart. Except not so trusty, because shortly after I took this picture, the wheel popped off and a meltdown ensued. I think we loaded it down a little too much :) 2012-08-25_013

We’ll go clockwise… Coop’s cheeser face – Aric taught him this face and he does it all the time. So funny.

This yellow side table is one of the many items we’ve found on craigslist! I’m so thankful I have a frugal hubby who makes things like craigslist our BFF. I will say that Boston is a little bit trickier to navigate than Lubbock… Craigslist has most definitely helped us figure out what suburbs are where, and which ones to avoid!

Ohhh be still my heart. I was catching up with Amy on the phone, and Coop was just chillin in my lap for a long time… After 45 minutes or so, I looked down, and he had fallen asleep!! Whaaat?! This hadn’t happened since he was itty bitty… We got real comfy and stayed that way for a long time.

Due to our craigslist adventures, Coop has had a lot of carseat time and he’s been a trooper about it. I cracked up when I saw he fell asleep with his hand IN his snack cup.


Some good, naked, post-bath reading time.


Boston Common

August 25, 2012

Jordan starts class Monday, so we went on a little family outing yesterday afternoon to take advantage of some free time that we soon won’t have. That sounds so depressing… Really, we will have some free time – just not as much as we’ve had the past few weeks :)

We drove down the road to check out Boston Common, which is basically a grassy, laid-back area with all kinds of stuff going on. There are food trucks everywhere, the Frog Pond (a fun wading pool for the kiddos, which I’m sure we’ll hit up one of these days), a carousel (because why not?!), and people just chillin – having picnics, reading, taking naps, etc. And then across the street, you have Boston Public Garden, which has the sweet little duckling statue from “Make Way for Ducklings,” along with swan boat rides, and more grassy goodness to do whatever you want in.


The first pic looks like they’re racing. Coop won.


When we took Coop out of the stroller, he went straight for the ducklings. How do kids know what is especially for them? But then how do they know what’s also especially NOT for them, too?? They’re just so smart. Anyhow, he loved the ducklings, and even gave them some kisses. After we played with the duck statues, we watched some real life ducks and tried to keep Cooper from walking into the pond. And then we realized if we make it back to our car in time, we would only have to pay $10 for one hour parking instead of $14 for two. So we peaced out. Short and sweet.

It’s like you forget you’re in the city while you’re walking around and seeing so many beautiful, peaceful things, and then you realize parking is $10/hour. Sad day. But no, really it was fun. I just need to start eating more of Coop’s mac & cheese and less chipotle. Then I can use my saved money for guilt-free parking :)






A random update… I mentioned our neighbor plays the piano quite often – we hear everything from her warm up scales to her boogie jams to her ballads. I’ve realized a few things though. First off, Cooper is catching on that sometimes we hear music from the walls, and he starts dancing to her piano jams, no matter what she’s playing. I love that so much. And second of all, I started recognizing some familiar songs today, and realized she was playing hymns. What a sweet blessing that is! I think God used that as a reminder for me to not be so quick to judge a new situation. The first day we moved here, my sarcastic thoughts were along the lines of, “of course our neighbor plays piano… awesome.” Now it’s more like, “My neighbor plays the piano. And my son dances to it. And I’m reminded of the gospel throughout my day.” That’s like a win win win.

Here are some random, everyday pics. Black beans and cheetos… the dinner of champions.


A Cooper burrito


These two… like two peas in a pod I tell ya.


Coop’s catching up on college football – tis the season!


Five Year Anniversary Trip

August 20, 2012

So, let’s rewind a little bit. Okay, a lotta bit. At the beginning of July, Jordan and I took a trip to Mexico to celebrate our anniversary. We aren’t huge anniversary celebrators (I mean, it’s awesome and stuff, but we don’t take a trip every year or anything), so it was such a treat! Jordan’s parents kept Coop while we were gone, which was a huuuuge blessing. Before we flew out of Dallas to go to Mexico, we caught a Rangers game with some of our friends.


This is my sister and her hubby (Jen & Stu). And guess what!! They’re having a baaabbyyyy!


I got these tiny toms painted for Jen and Stu. Jen’s a Texas girl and Stu is from England. McKinley Botkin did an AWESOME job at painting them!! You should check her out if you need any custom painted Toms (or basically anything artistic or creative).


Okay, now onto our Mexico trip. And yes, it’s all of your typical, ‘hold the camera out and take a picture of yourself’ type pictures. We had so much fun!!


We met some sweet newlyweds and hung out with them throughout the week. So fun.2012-08-20_005

And we played tennis. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you go to Mexico?!



August 17, 2012

Where to begin with this girl.

She is one of the most selfless, servant-hearted, encouraging people I know. I mean REALLY. She is always thinking of what she can do to lift up someone else, and she does it well. Speaking of lifting, she’s really strong, too. Which came in handy as she carried insane amounts of things from our car to our apartment.

She flew with Cooper and I to Boston last week, and stayed with us for six days to help us get settled. We thought the moving truck would be here before she left, but I’m almost glad it didn’t come until after she left… because that meant more playing, less unpacking while Amy was here. (And yes, we now have our stuff, and our apartment is becoming more of a home every day!)

Not only was Amy my extra pair of arms, but she loved my boy well when I was busy unloading things or being emotional, or whatever the case was. And we laughed a lot. Especially when they would test the fire alarms in our apartment RIGHT when I put Coop down for a nap. Every. Time. But it helped to have someone to laugh about things with.

See? She just gets stuff done. I don’t know why I was always the one getting to hold Coop instead of all the heavy bags and whatnot…


Lack of furniture meant movie night on the air mattress! One night we watched a few episodes of Modern Family… it’s just the best.


Amy tried lobster – which is a huge deal.



Coop loves his Ames. And she teaches him cool tricks, so that’s always fun.


Amy got shirts made for us (by Allison, duh!!). As I explain this, I’m probably going to sound like I’m in junior high or something… But junior high girls are awesome, so booyah.

So, two of Amy’s things are pickles and sweatpants, and two of mine are coffee and sunshine. Yeeeaaars ago, we started signing letters or saying goodbyes with “pickles & sweatpants,” or “coffee and sunshine.” AKA love you more than these things I love so much. And then we’re like OMG LYLAS TTYL!!!! :)


Amy and Jordan have a pretty unique friendship, to say the least. Haha. If any of you out there knows these two, you’re laughing with me! Jordan loves poking fun at Amy, and she’s pretty good at throwing it right back. I told Jordan he better not treat any of our new friends in Boston like he does Amy – we’ll be loners. But really, it’s pretty great, and we have lots o fun.


Who knows how much work she put into it, but Amy gathered notes from so many friends of ours, and the night before she left, she gave us this huge stack of letters. Are you kidding me?! I hadn’t even read one and I was already crying. We’re not allowed to open them all at once, so I’ve been rationing :) but oh man. It’s such a treat to open up these surprise letters from people we love so much! Thanks to everyone who helped with that.


This blog post in a nutshell: Amy is the best.

Day Trip to Marblehead

August 13, 2012

It’s nice to know people. Or know people who know people, rather.

Amy has worked at an orphanage/school in Uganda the past two summers, and both times she has gone, a sweet woman named Elizabeth has visited the orphanage as well. Elizabeth lives near Boston and told Amy to give her a call when she came to visit. So we did. Turns out her home is in Marblehead, MA, which is a beeauuutiful town right off the coast! Elizabeth was so sweet to be our little tour guide for the afternoon.



Cooper was a trooper, once again, with only a few meltdowns :)





It was such a quaint little town with so much color. Loved it.


Thanks for showing us around, Elizabeth!


Day 4 in Boston

August 11, 2012

I have a lot to catch up on. So many things happened in Lubbock that I want to blog about, but I also want to share about our time in Boston so far, while it’s fresh on my mind.

We’re still reppin’ Tech (and pointing at a random cyclist’s booty, apparently)


Okay, now Get ready to read, people.

When we flew here last Tuesday, everything started out great – sweet Casey AND Aric woke up at the crack of dawn to take Amy, Coop and I to the airport, and the first two flights were great. Then the plane took off from St. Louis to Boston… Coop hadn’t taken a nap, and that kid fights sleep like no other. I mean, FIGHTS it. So we basically wrestled on the plane for nearly an hour – crying, rolling around, FLAILING around, pulling my hair… Poor kid. He was just so tired. And sweet Amy was there doing damage control, handing me wipes when he squeezed his fruit pouch every where, wrestling him for a bit while I readjusted myself so I wasn’t flashing the world, etc. I didn’t know what else to do, so I asked Amy if she would try walking with him for a little bit (they already asked me to sit down when I attempted…) So she started unbuckling, and then Cooper rolled over onto me and just crashed. He wasn’t asleep yet, but Amy and I instantly started praying. Pleeeease give him rest, Lord!! Then I had the thought, “I’m just so glad we aren’t hopping back on the plane in a few days to go back to Lubbock.” Then it hit me. I’m on a ONE WAY flight to Boston. What the heck are we doing. Then I started crying.

So, imagine with me… This sad, pathetic sight. Coop has tears all down his face from crying for an hour, I’m disheveled, and now I’m bawling on the plane with my precious sleeping baby on my chest. I mean, no doubt I was emotional about moving, but it’s a crazy thing how a crying baby will heighten ANY emotion you might have. Holy cow. It’s also a crazy thing how a peaceful, sleeping baby will calm you down, too. So that worked out well :)


Anyhow, Jordan had spent three previous days driving the Tahoe filled with some necessities THIRTY-FOUR HOURS, PEOPLE!! All by himself. What an amazing man. He picked us up from the airport and we headed to our new home. I had never seen it before, and all Jordan said was, “it’s quite small.” So we walked in with our hands full, and unloaded everything into the living room. And then our living room was full. Haha. Really though, I love our place. It’s taken me a few days to warm up to it, but I like it a lot. I’ll like it even more when our movers arrive with our stuff. Which I think will be sometime next week… Woohoo!

So, this is funny… We haven’t met many of our neighbors yet, but all I know is that they have a piano and they are sure to play it multiple times a day. Maybe they will improve over the next two years, and it’ll be fun to listen to eventually :) They also cook food that has a very pungent smell. I have a feeling that won’t improve over the next two years.

I’m going to get used to NOT having quick trips to the car or the mailbox, and doing our laundry with lots of friends, and while walking past people, I shouldn’t expect for them to make eye contact or smile. But really, I’ve been surprised by the kindness of a lot of people. I think I was expecting the worst, so maybe it helped to have some low expectations in that area :)

I had the “we’re gonna be okay” moment when we drove up to Target, which is right down the street. It’s just a normal Target, with a big parking lot and everything. And Jordan had his “we’re gonna be okay” moment when he opened his birthday present and saw his new Harvard Under Armor clothes. The guy loves some Under Armor, and has a bajillion Texas Tech shirts… So I’m easing him into the whole Crimson (NOT maroon!) colored things. So funny.


There is so much more to come – pictures from our trip to Marblehead, a tribute to Amy (the bestest friend in the world), and our new apartment. I can’t wait to share more about our new adventure! All that remains to be true and always will be is that God is so so good, and I know we are living this new stage of life for our good and for His glory. That is some good truth I can rest in.