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Amy and Chris’ Boston Trip

September 25, 2012

Chris told me back in July that he was going to surprise Amy with a trip to Boston. OH MY GOSH. I was so excited when he told me, but I knew he better tell Amy FAST because I wouldn’t be able to hold that info in too long. So right when Amy got back from Africa, he told her the news, and we’ve been counting down the days ever since!

It’s funny. Because in my mind, I was thinking, “Ohh by that time, we’ll have everything figured out in Boston and know exactly where we want to take them and know all the fun places to go!!” Haha. Jordan knows where the good study spots are, and I know where some pretty kick-a playgrounds are. That was our area of expertise. So, it was AWESOME to not only have some of our bestest friends here for a weekend, but to see some parts of Boston we haven’t yet discovered.

After reading this post, you will learn that 1) you should come visit us in Boston, and 2) I will document your visit here VERY WELL and annoy all of my blog peeps with lots of pictures. So here we go!

Right after we picked up Amy and Chris from the airport, we walked to Harvard Square and grabbed burgers at The Famous Mr. Bartley’s. SO GOOD. Even though we were stuffed to the brim, we found some room for some ice cream at J.P. Licks. We walked around Harvard Undergrad a bit and then headed back home. And we all took naps. ALL of us! It was amazing.


After our amazing naps, we went to a Red Sox game. We had a blast. Amy and I were even kind of matching and she didn’t even care!! (She’s come a long way, folks).


Saturday morning, we headed downtown and walked The Freedom Trail.


All you do is follow the red line all throughout Boston – it was a pretty cool way to see so many historical things!


We liked being our own tour guides, because it allowed us to take pitstops in places like this – Sweet. Pretty tasty cupcakes. We also stopped at Quincy Market and grabbed lunch there. There was a lot going on, and it was fun to people watch. Coop especially loved the pigeons. They were just slow enough to where he thought he could almost catch them every time.


Boston Gardens! Yes, I’ve posted pictures from here before. Chris didn’t want Coop to have all the fun, so he hopped on the duck, too :)


We’re matching again.


We had a lot of down time, too. Reading books, playing with playdough, watching football. It was perfect.


On Sunday, while Jordan was studying (what a good student, right!?) the rest of us went and stuffed our faces with amazing pizza at Regina Pizzeria (Boston’s best pizza since 1926, apparently). Gooood pizza.


Then we walked around some more, and saw the harbor. It was just the most perfect weather, too. Total bonus.


Kind of a jumping fail picture… Amy looks like a stiff ballerina (a cute one though!), and I just look like I’m trying to fly or something.


Sunday night, we got dessert at Finale, and then hung out at John Harvard’s Brewery for a bit. These two are ridiculous and hilarious.


It was so good to have a little piece of Texas brought to us. And it was so much fun to share our new home with Amy and Chris, and show them the things we see every day. My heart is full, and I’m ready for our next visitors!!

Christmas Mini Sessions

September 14, 2012

I know, guys. It’s not even October yet. But all I know is that I’m leaving Boston for Thanksgiving, and won’t be back until February. So that means there will be no last minute Christmas Card business around here. I’m going to offer sessions on two days in October on Harvard Business School’s campus, and then we’ll let the card designing fun begin!

Every year around this time, I have a package deal for Christmas Mini Sessions. Usually, a family session can last up to two hours, but we all know you just need that one (or two or five or ten) picture(s) for THE Christmas Card. So that’s why I’ve put together this deal that will hopefully be perfect what you’re wanting this time of year.

If you and your family are going to be out of town during the weekend I’m shooting, don’t hesitate to ask – we’ll figure something out. Oh, and I also think it’s worth mentioning that Christmas Mini Sessions are NOT just for families! Couples, friends, you and your dog… These sessions are for anyone :)


Christmas Card Options - 2012small

The Everyday Stuff

September 13, 2012

I have a feeling I’ll blog a lot more often in the winter. Because when it’s SO beautiful outside, all we do is soak up the sun and play outside. Although, our lives will probably be way more boring in the winter, so you lucky blog readers will get to read ALLLL about what books I’ve been reading and how I’m learning to crochet or something… I know you’re so excited. But really, there are a few projects and books I’ve set aside for the winter. I feel like I’ll need something to look forward to when it’s getting dark at 4 p.m. and our only activity is to go to the parking garage and watch the big kids ride their bikes. I’ll stop. This could turn negative quickly.

Anywhooo here’s what we’ve been up to this week. Coop enjoyed some Sister Act, he still loves his shades, we had our last splash pad fun of the summer, and he got a haircut. The only way I could get him to stay still while I cut his hair was to give him cookies. And then hair would get everywhere, so he basically ate hairy cookies. Poor kid. I keep spotting fly aways that I missed… Coop is going to be “that kid” with the janky haircuts.


Cambridge Commons was way cool. The park was full of fun water tables and sand toys. And then we took a little history lesson and saw where George Washington gathered his troops during the American Revolutionary War. I tried to explain to Coop that it was more common for men to have pony tails back then, and that Dude was just trying to bring it back, but I’m not sure if he understood.


We came across Cooper Square on the way to a fabric store that the stroller didn’t so much fit into… that was fun.


One morning, Cooper found a picture of Jordan and I, and Deuce was front and center. It was the first time Coop has seen a picture of him since we moved, and he acted so sad about it! I’m sure it was more of a “hey I like that furry thing and it was fun to pull his tail” kind of thing, but still. And then, as if Allison just knew that had happened in the morning, we got a stuffed animal Deuce in the mail that afternoon!! Cooper loves it. He gives Deuce kisses all day long.


It really is great up here, but we have our moments. And when we have our moments, we drive to the nearest Chick Fil A (30 minutes away), and we have a little piece of home. That fixes most things :)


Or we see smiley faces in random things and it makes us laugh. Or maybe just I do that. Am I so weird or what??


One day we had a traumatic grocery store experience, so we ate cookies the whole way home. #momoftheyear. But there are always sweet, beautiful things in the midst of not-so-lovely things… The sun was setting on our way in from Iowa last weekend, and the pic below that is just a fun thing that we get to see all the time up here! I love it.


There ya have it folks. That was a bunch of stuff that doesn’t have any correlation to each other. That’s how we roll around here :)

Wedding Weekend in Iowa

September 3, 2012

My dad was born and raised in South Dakota, and we grew up going there every summer. We never complained either – we LOVED it. We loved (and still do love!) seeing all the family, going to the farm my dad grew up on, visiting all of the hot spots in Rapid City (because it really is a cool place)… And sooo many of our memories involve Uncle Bill and Aunt Cindy’s family, because my sister, Jennifer, and me were the same ages as our cousins, Annie and Teresa. If I was REALLY on top of my game, I would have all kinds of hilarious pictures from our childhood that I could post and laugh about, but I’ll just go ahead and tell you that won’t be happening today. But really, SO many good times. Everything from family trips to Mexico, climbing up the tower on Sand Lake Refuge, rollerblading (because that’s what cool kids do. And apparently a lot of people in Boston do as well!? Why did I leave my rollerblades at home?!), braiding hair, laughing, talking about boys… etc… So that’s a little background for you.

Well, Andrea got married this past weekend in Iowa on her husband’s (!!) parents’ farm. Oh.My.Goodness. It was just perfect. The weather was beautiful, the farm was perfect – everything was so much fun! And of course it was wonderful to see family. I’m learning that family reunions are different now, because catching-up time dwindles when your toddler is about to go head first into a fountain or honk the horn on the gator while Uncle Bill is giving a toast. But it was still so good to see so many lovely faces, even if I had just a few minutes with each person. It was so great to celebrate Andrea and TJ – they’re pretty wonderful.


The top left pic is of me and my sister, Jennifer. Her and Stu were SO SWEET to give Coop and I a ride from Minneapolis to Iowa Falls, so we had a lot of quality time. I loved every second of it. And check out my dad’s pony tail. It’s pretty outrageous. The bottom left pic is my cousin Teresa I was talking about earlier. We both have brown hair, we’re both tall, and we have a love for pickles and sunflower seeds. Our cousin childhood in a nutshell.


We were missing Jordan all weekend! He was hittin the books hard while we were gone.




beautiful andrea!


They’re married!


Aunt Jean is really showing Coop how to have a good time


And so are these girls on the dance floor. Coop has some moves. I mean, we dance a lot and stuff, but he definitely pulls out moves I’ve never seen before.