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Speer Family

October 26, 2012

Cutest curly hair, and cutest chubbiest baby ever. Such a great combo :)









somebody thought it would be fun to throw leaves on mom and dad :)


Donovan Family

October 23, 2012

I know the sweet Donovan family through Jordan’s section. He and Brian are both in Section J, so we were reppin’ the Lions during this Mini Session! (don’t you know the Lions are the mascot for section J?!)

Once again, another precious family. I sound like a broken record – I know.






Lingenbrink Family

October 22, 2012

The fire alarm (thanks to some burnt popcorn) kept Levi from taking his nap, so when the Lingenbrinks showed up for their mini session, Levi was PASSED OUT asleep. I mean, like completely out. But man, his momma started making him walk around and he perked up in no time. That’s just what happens on picture day. Things that wouldn’t happen any other day, and that totally throw off whatever is normal. But everything went perfectly!! See for yourself :)


Aren’t those pigtails amazing?!






Fall in Boston is amazing. Just in case you haven’t already picked up on that.


Baker Family

October 21, 2012

Ohhh this sweet family. Full of good looks and giggles, I tell ya. And awesome tricks (as you’ll see at the end!)










pretty impressive, huh??


Healy Family

October 21, 2012

This weekend was filled with PERFECT weather and lovely families to take pictures of. The Healy family was the first of the Mini Sessions, so there are many more to come.

Check out these sweet little faces.







Fall at HBS

October 20, 2012

Coop and I were strolling around campus, enjoying the amaaazzzing weather, and also scoping out some locations for Mini Sessions (get ready for some actual photography-related posts!). Not only did we stumble upon some beautiful spots, but we ran into Jordan and his section taking class photos. Hence the spiffy get up :)

Check out those colors. It’s unreal!!


Yes, I’m aware that I buttoned Cooper’s jacket wrong. I fixed it, don’t worry :)



Jordan and Cooper do “noggins”… Were they bump foreheads. It’s pretty cute.


We are LOVING fall in Boston, to say the least!2012-10-20_008

The Everyday Stuff

October 18, 2012

It’s crazy to me how little boys love boy things. I feel like Cooper’s love for anything with wheels happened overnight, and it’s kind of amazing, because it keeps him occupied and interested for so long! That is, until the train becomes unhooked, or the tractor is under the couch and out of reach. Then, meltdowns happen. That’s been fun, too.


He’s been putting on any shoes he can find, and struts his little half-naked body around the house in them. Cooper is rarely fully clothed, as I’m realizing in these pictures.


Lots of playing with friends, lately. HBS really is amazing for families. There is always something going on – a class, an activity, a playground where you’re sure to find someone. It’s pretty wonderful. Oh, and how cool are those colored spaghetti noodles in the bottom right picture?! Coop played with those in his toddler class, and it kept the kiddos entertained for like 30 minutes. The momma who did it said she just boiled the noodles, drained them, put them in separate bowls, and then added the food coloring. Genius.


Okay, this is so fun. So, my friend from high school, Emily, lives in Boston. She’s super smart and is getting her Masters in Landscape Architecture. Pretty cool. We met up a couple weeks ago, and caught up on THE LAST TEN YEARS OF OUR LIVES. Yeah, we hadn’t seen each other since I graduated. I can’t believe I’m old enough to know someone and not see them for 10 years. Anyhow, our other high school friend, Rob, plays in a band called Balmorhea and they played in Cambridge last week! They’re on a tour right now, so you should definitely check them out and see if they are headed your way. Balmorhea really is amazing and Jordan and I couldn’t stop talking about how good they were. Truly inspiring stuff. So yeah, long story short – I’m old, it’s fun to catch up with friends, and you should listen to Balmorhea.


How fun is it that HBS students get section pictures?! I love it. Coop and I were out for a walk today, and stumbled upon Section J taking their picture. So I did what every professional photographer loves – took pictures over her shoulder and put a cool filter on it. Haha :)

And there’s Jordan studying. He’s been such a good student. He’s had many a late night study sessions, complete with a Dr. Pepper.


Coop and I hang out a lot. It’s pretty fun. And some of our friends surprised Coop with a giant cheese ball jar. Happiest kid on the block. And then the bottom right picture is my little sewing nook. Maybe it’ll inspire me to A) sew more than three things this year, and B) finish decorating the rest of our apartment. We’ll see :)


And last but not least, these leaves guys!!! These pictures are of trees on campus. So lucky me, I get to see them all the time! Having never seen a “real” fall, it’s pretty amazing.


Jordan didn’t have class yesterday, so we decided to make a family day out of it and go leaf peeping in New Hampshire. We woke up to a dreary, rainy day, but everything was still so beautiful. We took a pit stop at a random park in Lee, New Hampshire so Coop could run around a bit.



Then we spotted this giant slide. I thought it would be so fun to go down it with Coop, so I grabbed my rain jacket to sit on (because the slide was really wet), Jordan egged me on and told me to “live a little bit,” and Coop and I made our way to the slide. I’m a sucker for a good dare.


Well, turns out this slide is the devil. The second we started down the slide, I knew it wasn’t going to end well, because we were going FAST. How did I not see this coming? A super long slide, a slick rain jacket, and wetness… Maybe not the best combination. So I held on to Coop super tight with one arm, and tried to slow us down (unsuccessfully) with the other, and Jordan took pictures (haha!). As you can see, Jordan started getting a little concerned when he took that last picture… So funny. Long story short, Coop and I shot out of the slide, and flew about 10 feet, slid for 10 more feet, and he only cried a little bit because I screamed as we flew through the air. Haha! We survived the devil slide. I just have a bruised butt, swollen ankle (from digging my foot into the ground as we slid), muddy clothes, and good memories to prove it :)


So instead of gallivanting about New Hampshire, we ended up at the mall (which just so happened to have Chick Fil A… Score!) to buy some non-muddy clothes. Maybe I’ll brave insane slides more often, if it means I get Chick Fil A and new clothes out of it. I’d just prefer it to have a big foam pit at the bottom of the slide, instead of wood chips and dirt.


We stopped at a little farm/pumpkin patch to pet some animals, get a pumpkin, and eat things that are REALLY good for you (cider donuts, pumpkin whoopie pies, snickerdoodle cookies… NUM).


It was just the perfect little family day. These two are just the best.


Apple Picking

October 6, 2012

The sun came out Friday morning (yayyyy!) and it was such a beautiful day. Crimson Kids took a field trip to Tougas Family Farm. It was 45 minutes away, and it was a beautiful drive – so many leaves are turning!! Every time I see a vibrant little tree, all by its lonesome, I think, “holy cow, I literally cannot imagine how it will look with EVERY tree so beautiful.” Give me a break. Lubbock doesn’t really have fall, okay? But back to the farm… We went for a wagon ride, picked some apples, ate cider doughnuts, and just enjoyed the sunshine!2012-10-06_001

Jackson (Jaxy) and his sweet momma, Tara, rode with us, and they seemed to have a similar apple picking approach. Eat as many apples as possible.




This morning, we joined a few friends to Shelburne Farm, and it was beautiful as well!


Coop continued to perfect his apple-eating technique. And Rush even grew up picking apples on a legit farm, so he had some really good pointers for him :)


Ahh sweet friends. Matt and Chesna, Rush and Krista, John and Whitney… And Jason, Becca & Noah hadn’t arrived yet… I guess we’ll just have to do it again to get another group pic :)


Jordan went to Lubbock this weekend to watch the Tech/OU game. So he missed out on the apple-picking fun… Except for this one picture. He flew back real quick to pose. Always being where he needs to be, that guy!



Section J Retreat

October 2, 2012

All of the sections went on a retreat this past weekend and section J’s was going down in Cape Cod. We decided to go for the day on Saturday instead of being there the whole weekend, and it was perfect! It was fun to get to know some of Jordan’s section mates a little more, and spend some time in Cape Cod.

It was rainy and cold, but we still managed to play on the beach for a bit.



Coop and I were struggling to get a good pic of us two… haha.