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The Every Day Stuff

October 2, 2012

I keep thinking what life is going to be like when it starts getting cold and rainy, because seriously, everything we love to do is outside and involves lovely weather. But really, we have had SO MANY beautiful, sunshiny days, and that has made our transition to living in Boston SO much easier.

Last week was a wet, rainy week. But it was fun. We splashed in puddles, hit up the library, built forts, stayed in our PJ’s all day, and when the sun would come out for a few hours, we would go hit up the wet playground and then hurry back in because it gets dark and cold at like 6 p.m.!! Crazy.


Oh Coop. You make life fun, kid.


The leaves are starting to turn!


There have been intramural flag football games going on the past three weeks. Coop and I have loved cheering on Section J.


Slowly, but surely, our walls are becoming more and more decorated. The picture on the left is right when you walk into our apartment. My friend from back home, Lindi, made me that AWESOME frame with magnet board. I love it so much. And the picture on the right is above Cooper’s crib.


Coop is turning into such a little boy, and I loooove watching him get excited about his favorite things! Puppies, trains, trucks (buses, tractors, anything that has wheels), airplanes, and his two favorite books – one about trains, and one about “Uncle Layne’s” farm. The picture on the bottom left is basically what happens every day – Coop is bundled, he has a book and a stick (such a boy), and we’re walking somewhere. Sometimes we have a purpose, sometimes we don’t :)


Jordan got all dolled up before a Section J hang out one night… He had to wear something that started with a J. Jorts. Gotta love the jorts. Also, you’re looking at Section J’s president!!! Wouldn’t you want your president to wear jorts?! I most definitely would. So proud of this guy.