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Chris and Amy are Engaged!!!

December 23, 2012

Guys. My best friend is engaged. And they have the coolest story ever. It’s not really my story to tell, but Amy doesn’t have a blog (come on!!!) so I’m going to tell it anyway :)

I could write a novel about their story, but I’ll just give you some highlights. I’ll never forget last December, when Chris, Jordan and I were in the mancave (the basement at our old house in Lubbock) and we found ourselves talking about Chris and Amy. I had NO clue Chris had feelings for her, but her sure did, and he had been wondering whether to act on it or not. Well, of course Jordan and I gave him a pump up talk and told him to go for it. So he did. Which I can’t even imagine mustering up the courage to have such a conversation… I mean, Chris and Amy were GOOD friends. It was always me, Jordan, Chris and Amy at our house. So, needless to say, Amy was hesitant, but they still went on a few dates, and after those dates, the verdict was they were going to just be friends.


Well. Fast forward a few months, and Chris moved to Midland for a new job in April. The Lord had been working in Amy’s heart, and she knew something was changing. She couldn’t tell whether it was the fact that she was going to miss him living in Lubbock, or if she really was starting to like him. So, that brave chica asked him to meet her in Lamesa (the halfway point between Lubbock and Midland), and she told him what was up. Long story short, it was another start to Amy and Chris, and this time it worked out. Seven months later, they’re engaged!!!

It’s such an awesome reminder of how God’s timing is so perfect, and He changes hearts like nobody’s business.

Chris did an amaaaazzzing job at planning the perfect engagement, and he involved so many special people.

So, Amy is in charge of this amazing ministry, FYI, and matches kiddos up with sponsors who buy them Christmas presents. It’s pretty amazing. Last year was a big year, and she got 75 kids sponsored. Well, this year she had 110 kiddos!!! December 20th was delivery day, and Amy and all of her helpers took the presents to a school in Lubbock and we passed out all the presents. Talk about an awesome day.

Well, then (as far as Amy knew), Jordan, Amy and I were headed to Midland for Roomie Christmas… Amy, Hilary and I were roommates in college, and we’ve done Roomie Christmas for nine years now… I know, it’s pretty silly… but we love it and we’ll do it forever, so there.

At one point in the day, Amy said, “Brit… this is my favorite day. It’s the best day of the year. I get to deliver presents to all of these kids, and then go spend time with some of my closest friends in Midland.” All I could think was, ohhh girl you have no idea!!!

I keep getting sidetracked. Okay. So we head to Midland, and as we get closer to Lamesa, Jordan pulled the car over at a park. Not just any park though. This was THE park where Amy first talked to Chris, and it became a spot where they would meet up for dates throughout their relationship. A pretty special place. Amy wasn’t suspecting ANYTHING. She saw Chris’ car, and then she saw Chris, and I think it took her a few seconds to realize what was going on. She was all smiles and started walking towards him.


Then they started walking to a spot where Chris had set up a few things.


Amy was reading letters Chris had written her, and then he told her to stand up as he read one more letter (which I’m dying to read, by the way!!)


Then, BAM! Doesn’t Amy have the cutest reactions ever??



So she has the ring, they’re officially engaged, and now it’s time for Roomie Christmas (as far as Amy knows…) They got to Chris’ parents’ house, and Chris surprised her with all her close friends and family!!










Congrats, you two!! I literally couldn’t think of a better pair. I love love love you guys!!

Brower Family

December 17, 2012

Jeff and Tiffany sure made a cute kid. Hudson is precious, and I loved getting to meet him (even though he wasn’t too sure what to think about my camera…)




Helton Family

December 17, 2012

A few family sessions popped out of no where once I got to Lubbock, so luckily, I had my camera and some free time and got to shootin!

I’ve taken the Helton’s family pictures for four years now. It’s been amazing to watch their sweet family grow, and I absolutely love these girls!







We are Nomads

December 12, 2012

Cooper and I have officially lived out of a suitcase (or three) for a little over three weeks. See, we all came to Fort Worth for Thanksgiving, and then Jordan flew back to Boston to finish up classes and finals for three weeks. It’s not my favorite situation, and I miss Jordan like CRAZY (I mean, how in the world did we think this was such a good idea?!), but one thing comes to mind right off the bat. We absolutely have the best friends and family in the whole entire world. They have welcomed us with open arms and have let us make their home ours – and a lot of times, that’s a pretty messy/inconvenient situation, but it’s been wonderful! And on top of that, it’s been really fun.

The weather has been cracking me up (and really challenging my packing skillz). When we first came to Texas in November, it was 80 here, and snowing in Boston. And of course I didn’t pack any summer clothes. Then it snowed in Lubbock last week while it was in the 50’s in Boston… Gotta love it.

We enjoyed playing in the snow at Lindi and Taylor’s house… it’s been so fun having a back yard :)



Jordan gets here Saturday!! Woooohoooo!

Jen + Stu + Molly

December 12, 2012

It’s been SO much fun watching my sister grow a sweet little bambino. Molly will be here in January, and I can’t wait to meet her! When I was in Fort Worth around Thanksgiving, I took a few pics featuring Jen’s rockin’ baby bump. And just as a heads up, you will be seeing MANY photos of these peeps within the next few months :)





Reunion in Colleyville

December 3, 2012

When Jordan and I first planned our holiday trip, it made so much sense for Cooper and I to hang out in Texas for a few weeks while he flew back to Boston after Thanksgiving and  finished up classes and finals. After about day 2 without him, we were both thinking, “who’s idea was this?!?!” We miss Jordan like crazy. But it really has been great to see friends and family (and go to sonic, rosa’s, chickfila, and basically just go park in parking lots for fun, and take advantage of every drive-thru I see).

This past weekend, we headed to Colleyville to meet up with Amy and Allison and the girls for a little reunion weekend. We stayed at Allison’s parents’ house, and they sure treated us well!! Not only did they let us take over their whole house and scatter toys all over the place, but they made sure we ate the greatest food all weekend long, and treated us to so many fun things. Such sweethearts.

We fed the ducks and played at the park Friday afternoon. This weather is unreal. It snowed in Boston Friday – so weird.


That McKenna is just too cool.2012-12-03_014

We taught Ella the turkey high five. I think she’s mastered it. 2012-12-03_015

I think Coop was testing the waters for a proposal.2012-12-03_0162012-12-03_0172012-12-03_018

We went to the Gaylord Texan Saturday morning to go to the ice exhibit – Merry Madagascar. It was pretty amazing. However, I don’t have any pictures because Coop was quite the unhappy camper. Haha. But it was still cool to see and Ella loved it! Maybe not the best toddler activity around :)

As we were driving back from the Gaylord, Allison saw a sign that said “Christmas in the Park.” So her dad looked into it, and Santa was in their neighborhood, along with a horse and carriage! It was perfect. And we didn’t even have to pay $25 for a picture of screaming kids with Santa. Ever since McKenna and Cooper were born, we have joked that they’ll get married someday… So this one will most definitely be in their wedding slideshow.


The kiddos had so many sweet moments together. It sure is fun to see how they interact. We love making memories with these peeps!!2012-12-03_022

Jordan, Cooper and I got to spend Thanksgiving in Fort Worth, and it was so good to be around family. My parents will be in Mexico for Christmas, so the day after Thanksgiving, we celebrated an early Christmas with them. And it was 80 degrees the whole time. Hilarious.

We were always told that we’d move up from the kid’s table when we had kids ourselves. Now we see that they just told us that so they could have grandbabies, because we’re still at the kid’s table. It’s the place to be!!



The grown up table2012-12-03_004

The whole gang. We were missing A LOT of people, but it was still a fun group!


These sweet boys entertained Coop the whole time. And of course Coop thinks they’re awesome.2012-12-03_007

Every year, the guys play football during the half time of the Cowboys game. Mimi had to rescue Coop a few times.2012-12-03_0082012-12-03_009

For our family Christmas, we went down to the Fort Worth Stockyards and went to a REALLY good restaurant called H3. Thanks to my sista for planning everything! And check out my dad’s ponytail. Ohhh Dude!


The pictures of tractors on my phone were more important to Coop than our family photo.2012-12-03_011

Coop was in little boy heaven with his new train and cars. So much fun!