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April 28, 2013

Guys I’m on a roll. Three posts in one day??! Can you tell I’m avoiding unpacking my bag and doing laundry, or what?

Every year, Newport Ball happens. It’s a super fun weekend for the RCs (required curriculum aka first year students) at HBS in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is a darling little town right on the coast, and we stayed in a Bed and Breakfast right off the town square. Jordan’s mom, aunt, and grandma (party!!) all came to hang with Cooper for the weekend while we were gone. Aren’t they amazing?

We drove into Newport, got ready for the ball, and headed to the venue where the ball took place. Jordan, Sarah, and their executive team arrived early for a little tour of the place, so I got to ride on their coattails and take pretty pictures of the sunset before everyone else arrived.



These guys.


I sure do love these ladies!



Jordan wore his Paw-Paw Ray’s tie clip. Pretty snazzy.


The next morning, we toured one of the Newport Mansions. This was their backyard… whaaaat?! It was pretty unbelievable. Although, I’m not gonna lie… All I could think about was Downton Abbey :)


Saturday night we had a clam bake – horseshoe, washers, bean bag toss (which people call cornhole up here??) and lobster! No clams though… never figured that one out.


It was SUCH a fun weekend – definitely a once in a lifetime kind of trip. I’m so thankful we have family to love on our Coop while we were gone, and send us pictures of him eating ice cream and whatnot :)

Every Day Stuff in April

April 28, 2013

Get ready for some randomness.

This was taken a few weeks ago, but it was such a happy day. It was one of the sunniest, warmest days we’ve had in a while, and nearly every kiddo was at the park on campus. Oh happy day!



This was April 15 –  Boston Marathon. We were at mile 24, watching so many hard-working, dedicated runners accomplish their dream. Who knew it would turn into such a devastating day.


Coop and the twins getting their match on. How cute are these turquoise toddlers??


more sweet friends on campus.


The Texas Club hosted a Texas Chili Cookoff… it was so fun to be outside and enjoy the sunshine with our friends! Poor Coop was about 2 hours past his nap so I kept giving him cookies, like any good mom would do.


The Hamiltons in Boston

April 28, 2013

I’m a little behind on this post, since the Hamiltons left literally a week ago… but better late than never, right??

My sister’s family bravely came to visit us in Boston the same week of the Boston Marathon bombing. The fact that they came made me feel so loved, considering the weird state Boston was in. It was their first time to fly with their 3-month-old, Molly. She did awesome, and was such a champ the whole weekend!

They flew into town Thursday, and late Thursday night was when there was a shooting at MIT (which is about 2 miles from where we live). We went to bed not knowing the shooting was related to the bombing, but nonetheless, it was a weird night. Throughout the night, I heard siren after siren go by our apartment. I mean, literally hundreds of emergency vehicles. In my half-asleep stupor, I didn’t think to get up and watch the news at 3 a.m., but I knew something was going on. We all woke up Friday to learn that bombers were on the loose and all of Boston was in lock down until concluded the man hunt. Welcome to Boston, Jen, Stu & Molly.

Even though it was a little scary knowing that all the police were doing a door-to-door search nearly 3 miles from us, we weren’t complaining too much because we got to spend a lot of time staring at my sweet niece. Man, she’s cute.


Although trucks are Cooper’s main love in life, he was still pretty fond of Molly. It’s so fun to think about all the cousin adventures these two will have some day!


This girl has one sweet smile. And at the drop of a hat, she’ll stick out that bottom lip and I can’t help but laugh (or take a picture, obviously).


Ohhh sweet Molly cuddles.


As we were nearing the end of lockdown Friday, our fire alarm started going off. Seriously? I mean, I’ll admit I was a little bit excited that we got to go outside and all, but still… a little crazy. There was, in fact, a fire on the 11th floor. Jen & Stu are seriously troopers. As we were standing outside, probably 20 police cars sped by us and men with guns were running by us. When we got back up to the apartment, we turned the news on to find out that they found the bomber, and he was a few miles down the road hiding in a boat. SO BASICALLY the time we probably shouldn’t have been outside, we most definitely were. Drama drama drama. And Molly was eating dinner… no big deal.


We started off Saturday with a bang and went to the Samuel Adams Brewery tour. The actual tour part was under construction, so we basically went to go drink free beer at 10 a.m. with our kids. We try to keep it classy around here, guys.


Then we went to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play the Royals. It was pretty inspiring, being around so many people with crazy Boston pride. Everyone was so nice and smiley, and proud to be a part of this city.


We ate at Mr. Bartley’s burgers in Harvard Square for dinner. Seriously delicious burgers.


We finished up the night walking around Harvard undergrad, and Harvard Business School. These dads take strolling pretty seriously :)


Stuart had a good point about our weekend. He said, “you know, in a few years we wont sit around talking about a certain park we went to in Boston. But we most definitely talk about the time we were on lockdown and a bomber was found a few miles from where we were while we were standing outside because of a fire.” (Imagine that being said in his British accent… it’ll sound a lot cooler). It’s true though! We loved sharing those crazy memories with these peeps.

Richey Family

April 18, 2013

It’s a bittersweet place here at HBS. All of the second-year families have one foot out the door and will be making a new place their home. I know that at the end of our time here in Boston, I’ll be wanting some photos of our family to capture this special place and time in our lives, and I’m so happy I get to do that for other families as well.

You might recognize this sweet family from my last post – Cooper & Elliott’s birthday party.



Are you kidding me?! Elliott takes cute to a whole new level!





A few months ago, Jenny (Elliott’s momma) and I were talking birthdays, and the idea of a joint birthday party came up. Of course our boys love all the same things – cars, trains, tractors, etc., so that made it easy. The more we talked about it, the more fun it got (and the crazier we got, of course). I think our husbands appreciated us having each other as well :) The sad part is that these guys are moving in TWO weeks, because Allen is a second year at HBS and they’re peacing out. Sad day. But I’m super thankful we got to make some good memories with them this year!

Guys, I’m about to post a lot of pictures.

The invites:


Here are the birthday boys and their families


Setting everything up got a little crazy… I was quickly reminded of Cooper’s First Birthday Party, when I had my family in town, along with my sweet in-laws, and a few friends who all help set up. Needless to say, Jenny and I were maybe running around towards the end trying to make sure we had time to get home and change out of our rained-on homeless-looking attire. It all came together :)




We had the party in McCullough Hall – a dorm lounge on campus. I guess when you have a party at HBS, there’s bound to be a portrait of someone above the fireplace – Mr. McCullough, everyone.



After about cupcake number 5 (give or take 10), it was a little tricky to get a family pic :)


Sarah was “the fun aunt” and pushed Coop all around the room. Not an easy task, my friends. And the bottom left Cooper and Elliott have a funny little friendship :) Sharing is hard, guys!!


Here were a few signs indicating the party was over. And Cooper was officially over-served.


A big thanks to all of our sweet friends who came and celebrated with us!! We loved making memories with all of you.

I think it’s safe to say that we have survived our first Boston winter. We’ve had a few days of 50-60 degrees, and they have felt WONDERFUL, but let me just tell you how amazing Texas was to me this past weekend. Not only was I surrounded by soooo many of my favorite people, but only to make life better, it was in the 80’s the entire time. Be still my heart. It was glorious.

But this post is not about the weather (or my obsession with it, apparently). It is about AMY! And the fact that she is getting married June 29th, and she is one amazing girl to celebrate!

We spent the weekend in New Braunfels, Texas, where we hung out, chit-chatted, laid by the pool, and went out to eat at the Gristmill Saturday night. But really, just lots of hanging out. It was so good for my heart.

I don’t think I’ve ever been surrounded by so many awesome girls (I keep saying girls… I mean, I guess we’re women these days. Let’s stick with ladies. Awesome ladies).


Of course, Allison made shirts! We basically all wore them the entire weekend.


It was so fun to see how every one fits into Amy’s life. I’d say we all mesh pretty darn well though :)


We sure did miss our sweet Lindi though! She welcomed Leighton into the world a few weeks ago, so she had bigger and better things to do :) But she somehow found her way into one of our pictures…2013-04-10_005

It just so happened that my sister and her family were in San Antonio the same weekend, so I got to hang with them a few hours before my flight took off. Isn’t my sweet niece the CUTEST?!?! They’re coming to visit us in Boston in a few weeks. Be prepared for photo-overload up in hur.



April 2, 2013

This weekend was amazing. I think I’m starting to realize that the weather affects me in a BIG WAY, and maybe that’s why I thought this weekend was out of this world. But really, it was full of fun times.

Crimson Kids had hosted an Easter party at the Dean’s house. I tell you what. They know how to host a party! It’s not every day you have a man in a bow tie serving you pink lemonade and beautiful cupcakes with precious bunnies on them at a KID’S Easter party. We kept laughing about it… Only at HBS!


We brought in a petting zoo with two baby goats, a piglet, chicks, ducks, and bunnies. Cutest thing ever. The kids loved it, but maybe the parents loved it just as much or more :)


My sweet hubby was the Easter bunny. I hope I didn’t just let the cat out of the bag (the bunny out of the hat??) to all of those 2 year olds who frequent my blog ;)

Cooper kept his distance from the Easter Bunny for a while, until he heard Jordan’s voice. He totally warmed up to the idea and loved it.


Our sweet friend Geoff was up for whatever he had going on – what a trooper. So of course that meant he was chasing Coop around at the party while I was being served cookies and Jordan was being the Easter Bunny :)


This was before church Sunday morning. This kid melts me on a daily basis.


A big thanks to our friend, Austin, who took these pics of our family!


What’s fun about having a big vehicle in a place like Boston is that you get to give rides a lot. It’s one of my favorite things about Sunday mornings, because we get to load up the ‘ho (tahoe), and celebrate Jesus with sweet friends. It’s pretty great. And Coop thinks it’s awesome because there’s always someone to play with in the back seat. Here was the crew for Easter.



Coop was reeeeally hoping that squirrel would come back down.


They’re just the cutest.


We’ll end on this note :)