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Our Summer So Far

June 10, 2013

I can’t believe we’ve been in Texas for nearly a month. It’s been so wonderful. Coop and I have been little nomads, but we are finally back in Midland for good! I don’t think we’ll spend a weekend in Midland until mid-July, but at least we’ll get to be in the same place as Jordan :)

I uploaded pictures from my phone (which I do about twice a year), so I thought I’d share a few highlights from our summer so far.

It seems like I took these pictures FOREVER ago, but I was cracking up when I saw the dramatic differences between Boston and Lubbock, Texas from the airplane. Call me crazy, but I think they’re both beautiful in their own special ways :)


Coop and I were in Lubbock for 10 days while Jordan was in Boston taking finals. It was a wonderful 10 days of catching up with friends, hanging out, eating Mexican food, and meeting sweet new babies!! Here’s precious Leighton.


It was so fun to watch The Office finale with some of our original Office watchers. Definitely got teary. And I met sweet baby Lainey.




After our time in Lubbock, Jordan made the 36-hour drive from Boston, and we moved to Midland. One of our new roommates is Lupe the dog. She and Cooper are clearly BFF.


After being in Midland for three days, we peaced out to Dallas for Matt and Allye’s wedding. You might remember their adorable engagement session. They are some dear friends of ours in Boston, and it was pretty great to see a handful of our other Boston pals. Also, the amazing Casey + Aric photographed the wedding and they did an awesome job, as always.


After the fun-filled wedding weekend, we said our goodbyes to Jordan again and spent the week in Fort Worth.


The following weekend, I kept my precious niece, Molly, for the weekend while my sister and her hubby went to Austin for the weekend. Coop and I loved hanging with this little sweetheart.


We got some good family time in while we were there. In the photo on the right, you can see that Coop fully enjoyed a chocolate shake :)


Love love love these precious kiddos.