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Christmas Break Recap

January 25, 2014

It sure is fun having a hubby in school – you get to have a five week break for Christmas!! I don’t even know where to begin… we stayed with friends and family all over Texas and New Mexico, and it was so so so good. Lots of sunshine, laughs, and unloading/loading the pickup… Jordan is my hero.

Flying with Cooper these days is pretty enjoyable – he thinks planes, movies and snacks are all very awesome, so that makes for a really fun travel day.


The second day we were in Lubbock, the sun was shining and it was nearly 70 degrees.. I can’t even explain how wonderful that sunshine felt!!


While we were in Lubbock, we rode the Polar Express – it was Coop’s big Christmas present. It’s really pretty adorable. Train ride + hot chocolate + cookies + Santa (although Coop doesn’t really love Santa much).


Speaking of Santa… The picture on the left was our Santa pic from last year (which Ellen totally instagrammed!!). We had a little improvement this year (on the right).


Of course we had to have Roomie Christmas!!! Guys. This was our TENTH annual Roomie Christmas. It started when we were sophomores in college and I absolutely love that no matter where we all live, we make Roomie Christmas happen. The guys got to be a part of it this year, too (aka they watched us open presents and then I made them take pictures).


Then onto Clovis! So much fun with all the cousins/brothers/sisters/etc.


Uncle Layne is obviously A LOT of fun.


We went on a babymoon to Fredericksburg, TX, and Jordan found a sweet little cottage for us to stay in for a few nights. After eating our way through Fredericksburg for a few days, we made a pit stop on the way home to surprise the Booths… it was so fun to see them!


We spent a few more days in Lubbock, then back to Midland to look at houses (because we’re moving to MIDLAND in June!). Hil and I realized the next time we see each other, we’ll be holding our sweet new babies! So of course we took a belly pic.


Then onto Fort Worth (is this getting so boring yet??) Jordan’s brother Layne (the fun Uncle on the trampoline) was in the Rodeo, and we had so much fun cheering him and his team on! They got second overall – pretty awesome.



A few random pics I took of this little guy… he’s really perfecting the grouchy face, don’t you think??


My niece, Molly, had her first birthday party while we were in town – Molly’s Winter ONEderland. Adorable.


Amy, Allison and I had a little Colleyville reunion and got to catch up, eat candy, and laugh at our kids. SO so fun.


And here we are, on the way back to Boston. We flew home to lots of snow and freeeeezing cold. But I’ll be honest, it’s been nice not living out of a suitcase :)


Thanks to everyone who opened their homes to our little family while we were nomads – it really did our hearts good to see so many of our peeps. Now, we just need to finish out this semester strong, find a house in Midland, have a baby, graduate, and move to Texas!

The Tucker Family

January 25, 2014

It turns out that being a nomad for five weeks doesn’t make me into a very good blogger. Okay, let’s be honest – I’ve never been a good blogger. But now this time I kind of have an excuse :)

Anyhow, we’re back in Boston, so get ready for a little recap on our trip to Texas! For now, I leave you with a few pictures of my precious/beautiful/hilarious friends.