A Couples Shower and a Wedding

June 17, 2012

Seeing a theme here? So much fun, sweet times with friends, and peeps be gettin married!

Before I jump into these pics from a couple weeks ago (I know, I’m a little behind), I do want to say that we’ve been working so hard on our house and there will be some intense before/after pics, along with reasons why you should buy it. And I got LASIK! Guys, it’s incredible. It’s only been three days, and I can already see 20/20. I’m still just amazed by the whole process (even though it freaked me out slightly), but it’s just awesome that something like that is possible. No more four-eyes for me!

Our friends Bo and Caroline had a Couples Shower in Midland, so our family and Amy went to stay with our former roomie, Chris, and we hung out all weekend. We got some good pool time in, and us girls and Coop cheered on the boys in a pretty intense basketball game.


Lots of this happened – hanging out and not doing much of anything. So good for the soul.


Y’all. This makes me so happy (well, for lots of reasons, but let me tell you one in particular). I think matching is so fun. Amy thinks matching is not fun and embarrassing. So, of course I always try to make it happen. Even our friend Allison gave us the same swimsuit coverup one time, so that just maybe we might match. So before this couples shower, we spoke nothing of outfits, and we all walked out and started to leave, and saw what had happened. SO FUN!!!! I’m so proud of Amy, she didn’t even fight it :)



Then the following weekend was Hilary and John’s wedding! Here are some pictures from the rehearsal dinner… The bottom right photo is Amy, Hil and I – we were roomies all through college and called ourselves “the mighty wild women.” So of course we had to do our little chant/cheer/song we made up and represent the MWW. And the top right photo is Bo and Caroline – they’re getting married in July! (Which is like two weeks away… seriously???)


And then a few pics from the wedding day… I clearly wasn’t the best picture taker there ever was.


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