A little bit of random

June 27, 2012

Okay, maybe a lotta bit of random. Here’s our last couple weeks in a nutshell. A really random nutshell.

Ruh roh. The good news is that this has only happened twice. I guess I’ll wait to bust out the duct tape.


This guy and his faces…


Speaking of faces, I’m pretty sure Cooper got his looks from his daddio. Crazy right??


aaaand speaking of daddio… this was on Father’s Day. A sleepy Coop at church needed some cuddles from dad.


Cuddle time on the love sac with Elli


I finally busted out the boxes and started packing. I have a feeling this little guy will make it a slow, but entertaining process :)


Don’t worry – I didn’t get poked in the eyes with barbed wire… They’re still healing from LASIK (which is AMAAZZINNNGG!!)


I know everyone says it, but seriously… What in the world did we do before we had Cooper?? Thank you, Jesus, for this precious gift!


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