A Snowy Family Day

March 11, 2013

So, it snowed again. Are you shocked or what?! I’m longing for spring, just like everyone else in Boston.

The other day, I got a coupon book from Target in the mail, and on the front it said, “Spring time is here!” I threw it away without even thinking about it. Sorry, Target. I don’t need you and your false hope (who am I kidding… of course I NEED you… just not your springtime temptations). Spring time is not here yet, and I’m trying to make the best of this weather. It’s been in the 40’s lately, and we’ve been playing outside a lot (never thought 40’s would be an acceptable play-outside-kind-of-weather).

Anyhow, we had a lovely weekend – lots of playing outside. And we built this little guy. Cooper chowed down on snow the whole time we were building the snowman.


I caught Jordan and Coop having some fun giggles together. Love these guys.


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