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April 16, 2010

One last post before I leave for a week…

I’m headed to Guatemala Saturday morning and I simply cannot wait! Last night, my hubby asked me what I’m most excited about. I thought a bit, and I said, “the kids… I can’t wait to meet them.” And even on top of that, the fact that I get to use something I love and something God has gifted me with to help out this orphanage a bit. That’s so cool.

It got me thinking back to the summer before I went off to college. I went to Costa Rica with a medical team and we stayed in a little village among the people, played with kiddos, and I TRIED to assist the dentist and optometrist. And all the while I took pictures with my little point and shoot.

Now I have a big girl camera :)

And just because it’s weird to blog without a photo, here’s a couple photos from that Costa Rica trip way back when. Gosh, that was 7 years ago… YIKES!

Picture 107

I know I know… me and humidity are NOT BFF. And we weren’t back then either I guess :) But how cute is this sweet little boy?

Picture 111

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we miss you!

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