Amy in Boston (for the third time!)

November 1, 2013

That’s right, folks. Amy has won the award for most frequent visitor in Beantown. And it’s a good thing she has, because when she’s here, life is just better.

We went to the zoo one day, and it just so happened that they were having a halloween-themed weekend. Since Thomas the Train wasn’t quite ready to make his appearance, we turned Cooper into a nerd.


The zoo was fun and we got some “treats” aka granola bars (is this a Boston thing??). Don’t get me wrong – we totally ate all the granola bars!


Another day we went Candlepin Bowling! We had never been, but it’s such a fun New England thing to do. It’s similar to bowling, but the pins are skinnier and the balls are smaller.


Coop had fun bowling, but the highlight was riding the motorcycle with Dad. Now he knows that those things actually do cooler things when you put money in them – greeeeeeaat.


And of course we went apple picking!


I love this picture so much.


During the rest of Amy’s time here, we took selfies (apparently), lounged around in our sweats, drank coffee, and finally got to watch Parenthood together – good times for sure.


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