August 17, 2012

Where to begin with this girl.

She is one of the most selfless, servant-hearted, encouraging people I know. I mean REALLY. She is always thinking of what she can do to lift up someone else, and she does it well. Speaking of lifting, she’s really strong, too. Which came in handy as she carried insane amounts of things from our car to our apartment.

She flew with Cooper and I to Boston last week, and stayed with us for six days to help us get settled. We thought the moving truck would be here before she left, but I’m almost glad it didn’t come until after she left… because that meant more playing, less unpacking while Amy was here. (And yes, we now have our stuff, and our apartment is becoming more of a home every day!)

Not only was Amy my extra pair of arms, but she loved my boy well when I was busy unloading things or being emotional, or whatever the case was. And we laughed a lot. Especially when they would test the fire alarms in our apartment RIGHT when I put Coop down for a nap. Every. Time. But it helped to have someone to laugh about things with.

See? She just gets stuff done. I don’t know why I was always the one getting to hold Coop instead of all the heavy bags and whatnot…


Lack of furniture meant movie night on the air mattress! One night we watched a few episodes of Modern Family… it’s just the best.


Amy tried lobster – which is a huge deal.



Coop loves his Ames. And she teaches him cool tricks, so that’s always fun.


Amy got shirts made for us (by Allison, duh!!). As I explain this, I’m probably going to sound like I’m in junior high or something… But junior high girls are awesome, so booyah.

So, two of Amy’s things are pickles and sweatpants, and two of mine are coffee and sunshine. Yeeeaaars ago, we started signing letters or saying goodbyes with “pickles & sweatpants,” or “coffee and sunshine.” AKA love you more than these things I love so much. And then we’re like OMG LYLAS TTYL!!!! :)


Amy and Jordan have a pretty unique friendship, to say the least. Haha. If any of you out there knows these two, you’re laughing with me! Jordan loves poking fun at Amy, and she’s pretty good at throwing it right back. I told Jordan he better not treat any of our new friends in Boston like he does Amy – we’ll be loners. But really, it’s pretty great, and we have lots o fun.


Who knows how much work she put into it, but Amy gathered notes from so many friends of ours, and the night before she left, she gave us this huge stack of letters. Are you kidding me?! I hadn’t even read one and I was already crying. We’re not allowed to open them all at once, so I’ve been rationing :) but oh man. It’s such a treat to open up these surprise letters from people we love so much! Thanks to everyone who helped with that.


This blog post in a nutshell: Amy is the best.

Allison posted the following on August 25, 2012 at 8:53 am.

Such a sweet post about the sweetest girl! Amy really is the best. Love all the pics!

Heather Lothes posted the following on August 29, 2012 at 11:24 pm.

That Amy Watley sure is AMAZING! Hope your transitioning well.

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