Aric + Casey in Boston

November 3, 2012

If you haven’t noticed, we love when people come visit us in Boston (hint hint to all of you feet-draggers).

Aric and Casey are such sweet friends of ours, and it meant SO much that they came to see us – especially since they are some busy peeps. But luckily, we bribe people to come see us so they can see Cooper, along with experiencing this cool place called Boston.

They flew in the same day Nana flew out, and the weather wasn’t so much on our side. This picture was taken the day before hurricane Sandy came to visit, and we felt a little crazy, since we were practically the only people walking around and doing touristy things. We still had fun. Plus, we needed to take advantage of being outside before we literally couldn’t!



Then Sandy came. We watched movies, ate, ate some more, played some catch phrase, and we were even a little bit productive at times (we all had photos to edit and Jordan had cases to read). And class was cancelled for Jordan! So it was pretty fun being lazy all day long. Aric and Jordan ran out in the crazy wind/rain for a few minutes and were DRENCHED. They just HAD to experience Sandy for real.

Sandy left, and the next few days were super pleasant. We were (are!) so thankful that Boston didn’t get hit hard, and we’re praying for everyone affected by Sandy in New York. It’s just so sad.

And then there’s these guys.




And then there was a lion.


We celebrated Halloween by cheering on Section J in the Flag Football Intramural Championship. They played a great game, but Section D came out with the win.



Section J’s mascot is a lion, so Coop was definitely representin’






We really did a lot more than be lazy, play at a playground, and watch flag football. I just wasn’t the best picture-taker. Maybe it’s because Aric and Casey have four cameras ready to shoot at any given point in time :) Thanks for visiting, you guys!!!

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