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The Tuckers in Boston

October 4, 2013

I just love it when our friends come to Boston!! Lindi and her sweet fam came last weekend, and she kept saying, “I want to do fun Boston things, but I REALLY just want to hang out and have a normal weekend with you guys.” What a sweetheart. So that’s exactly what we did :)


The Tucker fam on the harbor2013-10-04_002

Taylor and Lindi are kind of obsessed with aquariums, so we checked out the New England Aquarium2013-10-04_003

And then Apple Picking!! It was such a gorgeous day, and we all ate about 300 apples while we were there. Oh, and basically, everywhere we went turned into a Tucker family photo shoot, so get ready for that :)


Cooper was “juggling” like dad. Since then, we’ve had to set some boundaries on where and what you can juggle – especially because what he juggles ends up being chucked on the floor.2013-10-04_0072013-10-04_0082013-10-04_009

Taylor and Jordan were really loving this apple picking business. Talk about overachievers – they would climb so high just to find the perfect apples. Little boys at heart :)


Back at Harvard Business School’s campus, we had another mini photo shoot. They’re just the cutest family ever.2013-10-04_0122013-10-04_0132013-10-04_014

Mimi & Dude in Boston

October 4, 2013

Mimi and Dude (my parents) came to Boston a few weeks ago – we loved getting to show them around, and Coop was quite the happy camper to have his peeps in town.

The night they got in, Tech played TCU, so we watched the game (Dude, Coop and Mimi celebrating a touchdown in the top right photo). The next day, my dad (and his ponytail) went to class with Jordan and really enjoyed it. Later that day, we went to the Red Sox/Yankees game, which was pretty exciting! Of course I didn’t take any pictures, but we definitely sat in an area with some rowdy Bostonians, so it made for a pretty entertaining game :)


Then the Duck Tour. Oh, the beloved Duck. So, a duck is an amphibious vehicle that gives a tour of Boston – both on land and in water. We did it when we first moved here last year, but let’s just say that since then, Cooper has developed a DEEP love for all vehicles, so he enjoyed it a little more this time. It was so fun!


They even let the kiddos take turns driving while we’re in the water.2013-10-02_003

Okay, okay, Boston is pretty.


I’m pretty sure we take ALL of our visitors to the Make Way for Ducklings statue, but how can you pass it up?!



The next weekend, my cousin got married in Omaha, so Cooper and I flew over and celebrated Teresa and Jeremiah!

But first we went to the zoo, which was awesome.


This kid.2013-10-02_008

The wedding venue was beautiful, and it was so fun being outside in the best weather ever.


This is what was going down throughout the majority of the reception. Cooper and his older ladies tearing up the dance floor.


4th of July with the fam

July 26, 2013

Yes, I am aware it is July 26th. But I had to share the cuteness.

We had a Strebeck vacation in Abilene, Texas, of all places, and it really was perfect! We rented a house for a few days and did a whole lot of hanging out, swimming and eating.

It’s so fun to watch all the cousins play together and to know that they’ll grow up having such great memories with each other. Oh, and I have fully accepted the fact that for about 20 years, there will never be a picture where all the kids are looking at the camera :)


such a little sweetheart2013-07-26_002

this one… it’s just so funny. they’re all in their own little world.2013-07-26_0032013-07-26_004

boys will be boys :)2013-07-26_0052013-07-26_0062013-07-26_007

Man oh man. What a fun journey it’s been – watching Chris and Amy go from friends to good friends to awkward friends to more than friends :)

Their wedding was this past weekend and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I can’t even describe how much joy it brought me to watch my best friend marry her main squeeze.

The wedding weekend was kicked off with a backyard BBQ at Chris’ Papa’s house. It was intimate and sweet, and so much fun.


Here are a few from the rehearsal dinner (via my iphone… not the best quality!)


Ahhh the wedding day. Amy was (is) radiant and Chris was (is) so handsome. They made a handful of kiddos feel pretty special on their big day.


My parents (and sister’s family) and Jordan’s parents were at the wedding, so not only was it a big reunion with so many of our college friends, it was also a fun family reunion. Which brings me to this… Jordan’s momma – Nana – chased our little wandering boy all around Spirit Ranch, not to mention she kept him all weekend long since we had wedding festivities and whatnot. She made sure he walked down the aisle, was fed, bathed, changed, etc. and she did it all with a smile on her face. She loves our boy well, and she really blessed us by giving us some free time! Thanks, Nana :)


mi familia!


Coop busted out moves I had never seen before. Of course I didn’t get pictures of that… But when they were all boogied out, they took a break to play in the rocks.


The night ended with the polar bear. THE polar bear. Let me explain. One year for Christmas, Ella was given a verrrryy expensive Christmas decoration, which just so happened to be a huge polar bear hugging a Christmas tree. Let’s just say it doesn’t look like a hug, if ya know what I mean. I’ll keep it PG here, folks. Anyhow, it turned into a big joke, especially once CasaGrande formed. The polar bear has been tucked into Chris’ bed, in the back seat of my car, in Bob and Allison’s shower… It has traveled TO temple, and then back to Lubbock when Allison and the girls made a surprise trip to help me pack… And then it somehow ended up in Amy’s garage in Midland. I stole it back last week, and it made it’s way into the backseat of Amy and Chris’ getaway car. Perfect way to end a perfect weekend :)



April 28, 2013

Guys I’m on a roll. Three posts in one day??! Can you tell I’m avoiding unpacking my bag and doing laundry, or what?

Every year, Newport Ball happens. It’s a super fun weekend for the RCs (required curriculum aka first year students) at HBS in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is a darling little town right on the coast, and we stayed in a Bed and Breakfast right off the town square. Jordan’s mom, aunt, and grandma (party!!) all came to hang with Cooper for the weekend while we were gone. Aren’t they amazing?

We drove into Newport, got ready for the ball, and headed to the venue where the ball took place. Jordan, Sarah, and their executive team arrived early for a little tour of the place, so I got to ride on their coattails and take pretty pictures of the sunset before everyone else arrived.



These guys.


I sure do love these ladies!



Jordan wore his Paw-Paw Ray’s tie clip. Pretty snazzy.


The next morning, we toured one of the Newport Mansions. This was their backyard… whaaaat?! It was pretty unbelievable. Although, I’m not gonna lie… All I could think about was Downton Abbey :)


Saturday night we had a clam bake – horseshoe, washers, bean bag toss (which people call cornhole up here??) and lobster! No clams though… never figured that one out.


It was SUCH a fun weekend – definitely a once in a lifetime kind of trip. I’m so thankful we have family to love on our Coop while we were gone, and send us pictures of him eating ice cream and whatnot :)

The Hamiltons in Boston

April 28, 2013

I’m a little behind on this post, since the Hamiltons left literally a week ago… but better late than never, right??

My sister’s family bravely came to visit us in Boston the same week of the Boston Marathon bombing. The fact that they came made me feel so loved, considering the weird state Boston was in. It was their first time to fly with their 3-month-old, Molly. She did awesome, and was such a champ the whole weekend!

They flew into town Thursday, and late Thursday night was when there was a shooting at MIT (which is about 2 miles from where we live). We went to bed not knowing the shooting was related to the bombing, but nonetheless, it was a weird night. Throughout the night, I heard siren after siren go by our apartment. I mean, literally hundreds of emergency vehicles. In my half-asleep stupor, I didn’t think to get up and watch the news at 3 a.m., but I knew something was going on. We all woke up Friday to learn that bombers were on the loose and all of Boston was in lock down until concluded the man hunt. Welcome to Boston, Jen, Stu & Molly.

Even though it was a little scary knowing that all the police were doing a door-to-door search nearly 3 miles from us, we weren’t complaining too much because we got to spend a lot of time staring at my sweet niece. Man, she’s cute.


Although trucks are Cooper’s main love in life, he was still pretty fond of Molly. It’s so fun to think about all the cousin adventures these two will have some day!


This girl has one sweet smile. And at the drop of a hat, she’ll stick out that bottom lip and I can’t help but laugh (or take a picture, obviously).


Ohhh sweet Molly cuddles.


As we were nearing the end of lockdown Friday, our fire alarm started going off. Seriously? I mean, I’ll admit I was a little bit excited that we got to go outside and all, but still… a little crazy. There was, in fact, a fire on the 11th floor. Jen & Stu are seriously troopers. As we were standing outside, probably 20 police cars sped by us and men with guns were running by us. When we got back up to the apartment, we turned the news on to find out that they found the bomber, and he was a few miles down the road hiding in a boat. SO BASICALLY the time we probably shouldn’t have been outside, we most definitely were. Drama drama drama. And Molly was eating dinner… no big deal.


We started off Saturday with a bang and went to the Samuel Adams Brewery tour. The actual tour part was under construction, so we basically went to go drink free beer at 10 a.m. with our kids. We try to keep it classy around here, guys.


Then we went to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play the Royals. It was pretty inspiring, being around so many people with crazy Boston pride. Everyone was so nice and smiley, and proud to be a part of this city.


We ate at Mr. Bartley’s burgers in Harvard Square for dinner. Seriously delicious burgers.


We finished up the night walking around Harvard undergrad, and Harvard Business School. These dads take strolling pretty seriously :)


Stuart had a good point about our weekend. He said, “you know, in a few years we wont sit around talking about a certain park we went to in Boston. But we most definitely talk about the time we were on lockdown and a bomber was found a few miles from where we were while we were standing outside because of a fire.” (Imagine that being said in his British accent… it’ll sound a lot cooler). It’s true though! We loved sharing those crazy memories with these peeps.

I think it’s safe to say that we have survived our first Boston winter. We’ve had a few days of 50-60 degrees, and they have felt WONDERFUL, but let me just tell you how amazing Texas was to me this past weekend. Not only was I surrounded by soooo many of my favorite people, but only to make life better, it was in the 80’s the entire time. Be still my heart. It was glorious.

But this post is not about the weather (or my obsession with it, apparently). It is about AMY! And the fact that she is getting married June 29th, and she is one amazing girl to celebrate!

We spent the weekend in New Braunfels, Texas, where we hung out, chit-chatted, laid by the pool, and went out to eat at the Gristmill Saturday night. But really, just lots of hanging out. It was so good for my heart.

I don’t think I’ve ever been surrounded by so many awesome girls (I keep saying girls… I mean, I guess we’re women these days. Let’s stick with ladies. Awesome ladies).


Of course, Allison made shirts! We basically all wore them the entire weekend.


It was so fun to see how every one fits into Amy’s life. I’d say we all mesh pretty darn well though :)


We sure did miss our sweet Lindi though! She welcomed Leighton into the world a few weeks ago, so she had bigger and better things to do :) But she somehow found her way into one of our pictures…2013-04-10_005

It just so happened that my sister and her family were in San Antonio the same weekend, so I got to hang with them a few hours before my flight took off. Isn’t my sweet niece the CUTEST?!?! They’re coming to visit us in Boston in a few weeks. Be prepared for photo-overload up in hur.


In the weeks leading up to Spring Break, I think Jordan and I had about 30 conversations that started and ended the same…

It would start with one of us asking the other what we should do for Spring Break. Then we would talk about nothing for a good 10 minutes, and then we would end with no plans, no solution, and no decisions. We tossed around ideas of going back home for a week, or going somewhere warm, but not only would the ol bank account hate such a thing, we thought it would be fun to take advantage of being waaaaaay up here in Boston and stick around this area.

Luckily we had some sweet friends from Jordan’s sections who felt the same way! So we packed up and headed to Stratton, VT for three days. Speaking of packing up… I’m a little bit afraid of the day we have multiple children… I mean, our car was PACKED. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, huh?

Before I overload you with pictures from our trip, I wanted to share this cuteness from Muckykids Art Studio. Tara invited Cooper and I to join her and Jackson for a drop in class where the kiddos could go from station to station and paint/draw/glue/get messy. It was so fun! Notice how our little artists chose the wall to paint on, instead of the paper. :)

There was a little cardboard house with buckets of red paint and paint brushes. Coop went to town and was loving it… I turned around for 5 seconds and there Coop was… Painting the front glass door BRIGHT RED. Oh my. Luckily, the peeps at Muckykids are used to messes, and they were basically cleaning it up before he even started adding his flair to their door. Oopsies.


Our first night there, we had dinner with the Donovans (who were staying in a condo nearby). When we got back to our condo, we put the boys in their pjs… unplanned matching?! SO FUN!


The next morning, we all got bundled up and headed to the golf course to go sledding. And how cute is Jackson?!?!


It’s real hard to hold hands with gloves on… hehe. They still attempted.2013-03-21_0032013-03-21_004

All the daddy’s with the kiddos2013-03-21_005

It was my first time to ever go sledding (unless you count that time in college where we slid… aka pushed each other… down a slight incline on a trashcan lid)


The dads went skiing the next day, and it snowed over a foot. So, needless to say, we had a lot of time to play inside.


Why is bathtime oh so cute?? These little dudes were splashing up a storm… which is normally a no-no, but it was just a little too adorable to stop.


I’m pretty sure Jordan and Cooper were equal amounts of giddy in these pictures… Jordan got to GRILL! And Coop made very successful bubbles in the bathtub (not with his mouth, if ya know what I mean).


Nemo Found Us

February 10, 2013

We experienced our first blizzard ever up here in Boston! It snowed at least two feet, guys. I’ve never seen anything like it. But luckily, we got to watch it from the comfort of our warm apartment.

Most of Friday and Saturday were spent like this – looking out the window. Cooper’s favorite part was watching for the snow plows and saying, “beep beep beep,” every time they backed up.


Here’s the view from our apartment as the day went on. It started snowing Friday morning, and got pretty crazy by the afternoon. Friday night, Jordan and I thought it would be sweet to take all the snow plower guys hot chocolate. They worked HARD. Nonstop. So we made a few jugs, put on our snow gear, and braved the crazy snow and winds… Only to be rejected by the snow plowers. That’s right, no one wanted our hot chocolate. HAHA! I guess we ARE in Boston… But I’m glad we did it, because Jordan and I got to walk around in the craziness a bit. At one point, I had to turn around and walk backwards because the wind/snow was so crazy… I stopped walking because I was laughing so hard, and then I started sliding on the ice because the wind was blowing me so hard! Unreal.


It stopped snowing around 1 Saturday, and I went for a stroll with Ashley, and Rush & Krista. It was amazing. SO beautiful and peaceful and I couldn’t wrap my mind around how much snow there was. And oh my goodness I can’t even explain how much more I love my snow boots after this weekend. No cold toes for me!


We walked across the river to Harvard Square and walked around Undergrad’s campus a bit… Peeps were straight up cross-country skiing down the streets.


And sledding down the stairs?? So funny!!



Guys. Look closely. There are cars lining this street on both sides. Ashley pointed it out to us – otherwise, I don’t think I would have ever noticed them.


When Coop woke up from his nap, we took him outside to check out this snow business.


I tried to convince him how fun it all was, but I’m pretty sure he’d rather sit and watch the snow plows, bobcats, and backhoes do their work. Such a boy. It probably didn’t help that the poor kid couldn’t hardly move… he fell down a few times and he most definitely couldn’t get back up on his own. Christmas Story, anyone??



Jordan thought it would be funny to push me down in the snow. Okay, it was funny. Coop most definitely thought it was hilarious. Love my boys :)


Molly Grace is here!!

January 17, 2013

Y’all. I’m the proudest aunt there ever was. My sister and her hubby welcomed Molly Grace into the world yesterday, and she’s the most precious little peanut ever!

And just so you know, you will see a ridiculous amount of pictures of this sweet child from now until forever. There’s my disclaimer.

Let me give y’all some background here… My sister had a high-risk pregnancy, and she’s been closely watched throughout this whole process. Since she was 28 weeks, she’s been to either her High Risk perinatal Doctor, or her OB/GYN at least twice a week, and she has taken such good care of herself and Molly throughout this entire process. Jen knew all about the risks involved in her pregnancy and what all could possibly go wrong, and she continued to fight fear and trust in God throughout her pregnancy. I’m just so proud of her.

Needless to say, God has sure protected these two and made sure it was the smoothest ride ever! He is so good – I don’t know why it’s so hard to trust Him sometimes. But once again, He has reminded me through this process that we should SERIOUSLY rest in His sovereignty and believe that He’s in charge of this whole life thing. Anyway, I know y’all just want to see a cute baby, so onto sweet Molly.

Jen and Stu checked into the hospital at 5 a.m. and they started getting things going. My parents and I got there around 8, and we just hung out, told stories, and laughed and laughed and laughed.



My dad was a big goofball, as always, and I was getting a kick out of Stu… He was a great combination of nervous/hungry/giddy and so that made for a tall British guy nervously eating snacks, as he walked around smiling and giggling. Love it.


I made shirts so Molly would know who we were when she was born ;)


Jen had a smooth, fairly quick labor. When the nurses told her she was ready to push, they found out Jen’s OB/GYN was doing an emergency C-section on another patient, so I (without much thought) texted this to my dad:

“Doctor is doing an emergency C-section. When he gets back, Jen will start pushing.”

Yeah, wooooopsies. I think the first part of that text sent my parents into freak-out-mode for about .2 seconds.

So the picture on the left is before the doctor came back into the room, and the picture on the right is right when Molly was born. Precious moments, I tell ya. I’m surprised these pictures were in focus, since my eyes were welled up with tears and I couldn’t see much. Yay auto focus :)


Hello little feetsies.


Stu getting acquainted with Molly




Check out that hair, y’all!!


Stuart’s family lives in England, so they got to FaceTime with his mom for a bit so she could meet Molly.