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Chris and Amy are Engaged!!!

December 23, 2012

Guys. My best friend is engaged. And they have the coolest story ever. It’s not really my story to tell, but Amy doesn’t have a blog (come on!!!) so I’m going to tell it anyway :)

I could write a novel about their story, but I’ll just give you some highlights. I’ll never forget last December, when Chris, Jordan and I were in the mancave (the basement at our old house in Lubbock) and we found ourselves talking about Chris and Amy. I had NO clue Chris had feelings for her, but her sure did, and he had been wondering whether to act on it or not. Well, of course Jordan and I gave him a pump up talk and told him to go for it. So he did. Which I can’t even imagine mustering up the courage to have such a conversation… I mean, Chris and Amy were GOOD friends. It was always me, Jordan, Chris and Amy at our house. So, needless to say, Amy was hesitant, but they still went on a few dates, and after those dates, the verdict was they were going to just be friends.


Well. Fast forward a few months, and Chris moved to Midland for a new job in April. The Lord had been working in Amy’s heart, and she knew something was changing. She couldn’t tell whether it was the fact that she was going to miss him living in Lubbock, or if she really was starting to like him. So, that brave chica asked him to meet her in Lamesa (the halfway point between Lubbock and Midland), and she told him what was up. Long story short, it was another start to Amy and Chris, and this time it worked out. Seven months later, they’re engaged!!!

It’s such an awesome reminder of how God’s timing is so perfect, and He changes hearts like nobody’s business.

Chris did an amaaaazzzing job at planning the perfect engagement, and he involved so many special people.

So, Amy is in charge of this amazing ministry, FYI, and matches kiddos up with sponsors who buy them Christmas presents. It’s pretty amazing. Last year was a big year, and she got 75 kids sponsored. Well, this year she had 110 kiddos!!! December 20th was delivery day, and Amy and all of her helpers took the presents to a school in Lubbock and we passed out all the presents. Talk about an awesome day.

Well, then (as far as Amy knew), Jordan, Amy and I were headed to Midland for Roomie Christmas… Amy, Hilary and I were roommates in college, and we’ve done Roomie Christmas for nine years now… I know, it’s pretty silly… but we love it and we’ll do it forever, so there.

At one point in the day, Amy said, “Brit… this is my favorite day. It’s the best day of the year. I get to deliver presents to all of these kids, and then go spend time with some of my closest friends in Midland.” All I could think was, ohhh girl you have no idea!!!

I keep getting sidetracked. Okay. So we head to Midland, and as we get closer to Lamesa, Jordan pulled the car over at a park. Not just any park though. This was THE park where Amy first talked to Chris, and it became a spot where they would meet up for dates throughout their relationship. A pretty special place. Amy wasn’t suspecting ANYTHING. She saw Chris’ car, and then she saw Chris, and I think it took her a few seconds to realize what was going on. She was all smiles and started walking towards him.


Then they started walking to a spot where Chris had set up a few things.


Amy was reading letters Chris had written her, and then he told her to stand up as he read one more letter (which I’m dying to read, by the way!!)


Then, BAM! Doesn’t Amy have the cutest reactions ever??



So she has the ring, they’re officially engaged, and now it’s time for Roomie Christmas (as far as Amy knows…) They got to Chris’ parents’ house, and Chris surprised her with all her close friends and family!!










Congrats, you two!! I literally couldn’t think of a better pair. I love love love you guys!!

Keina in Boston

November 12, 2012

Oh where to begin with Keina! I met her in 8th grade in Edmond, Oklahoma. I was the new kid at school, and we became friends. We only lived in Oklahoma for a year and a half, and Keina and I have kept in touch ever since. She was in my wedding, she came to visit Lubbock when Coop was just four weeks old, and she’s one of the best phone-talkers I know. She’s a loyal friend and beneath all of her spunk and sass, she has a really big heart. Or maybe her love language is spunk and sass – I’m not quite sure ;)

Keina lives in DC and hopped on a plane to come visit this past weekend. Have I mentioned that I love visitors?!?

Since Keina has never been apple picking, we made another trip out to Honey Pot, and Jordan got to come, too! He has a creeper ‘stache, in honor of Movember (men’s health awareness). So don’t think he’s trying a new look out. It will most definitely be gone, come December :)




Coop loves his daddy so much. It’s just the greatest thing ever.


This picture is the first of many where Keina is standing with or in front of something random.


While Coop was napping and Jordan was studying, Keina and I went and walked around Boston for a few hours. Boston Common, Boston Gardens, the North end, and harbor… It was the most beautiful day ever. There were street performers everywhere, and a mermaid. What???


Isn’t she such a sport for letting me take pictures of her all over Boston?? I’m so annoying, I know.


When Chris and Amy came to visit, we took a picture of Chris sitting on the duck statue. Then Aric did it when they visited. So naturally, I made Keina sit on the ducks as well. She had to stand in line with all of the children. Hehe :)


Thanks for taking the time to visit us, Keina!! We’re coming to DC in the spring – WOOHOO!


Nana in Boston

November 2, 2012

It was SO much fun having Selena (aka my mother-in-law aka Nana) in town. She’s pretty great, and she loves Cooper like nobody’s business.

We went apple picking at Honey Pot. It was such a precious little place, and the drive to Stow, MA was beeauuutiful!


One of our friend’s girlfriend, Allye, came to town. She stayed with us for a few nights and joined in on the fun! We loved having her around. And Coop most DEFINITELY loved having her around.



Coop is happiest while “driving” things.


checking out the sheep and throwing leaves with nana


There were books being read by these two constantly. It’s just so sweet to walk into a room and see this.


We went to Mount Auburn Cemetery, and OH MY GOSH. It was absolutely beautiful. The cemetery itself is gorgeous, but the view of Boston was pretty awesome.




The color of that tree is insane.


My most favorite picture of Nana and Coop




Thanks so much for coming to visit us, Nana!! We loved every second of it!

Jordan didn’t have class yesterday, so we decided to make a family day out of it and go leaf peeping in New Hampshire. We woke up to a dreary, rainy day, but everything was still so beautiful. We took a pit stop at a random park in Lee, New Hampshire so Coop could run around a bit.



Then we spotted this giant slide. I thought it would be so fun to go down it with Coop, so I grabbed my rain jacket to sit on (because the slide was really wet), Jordan egged me on and told me to “live a little bit,” and Coop and I made our way to the slide. I’m a sucker for a good dare.


Well, turns out this slide is the devil. The second we started down the slide, I knew it wasn’t going to end well, because we were going FAST. How did I not see this coming? A super long slide, a slick rain jacket, and wetness… Maybe not the best combination. So I held on to Coop super tight with one arm, and tried to slow us down (unsuccessfully) with the other, and Jordan took pictures (haha!). As you can see, Jordan started getting a little concerned when he took that last picture… So funny. Long story short, Coop and I shot out of the slide, and flew about 10 feet, slid for 10 more feet, and he only cried a little bit because I screamed as we flew through the air. Haha! We survived the devil slide. I just have a bruised butt, swollen ankle (from digging my foot into the ground as we slid), muddy clothes, and good memories to prove it :)


So instead of gallivanting about New Hampshire, we ended up at the mall (which just so happened to have Chick Fil A… Score!) to buy some non-muddy clothes. Maybe I’ll brave insane slides more often, if it means I get Chick Fil A and new clothes out of it. I’d just prefer it to have a big foam pit at the bottom of the slide, instead of wood chips and dirt.


We stopped at a little farm/pumpkin patch to pet some animals, get a pumpkin, and eat things that are REALLY good for you (cider donuts, pumpkin whoopie pies, snickerdoodle cookies… NUM).


It was just the perfect little family day. These two are just the best.


Apple Picking

October 6, 2012

The sun came out Friday morning (yayyyy!) and it was such a beautiful day. Crimson Kids took a field trip to Tougas Family Farm. It was 45 minutes away, and it was a beautiful drive – so many leaves are turning!! Every time I see a vibrant little tree, all by its lonesome, I think, “holy cow, I literally cannot imagine how it will look with EVERY tree so beautiful.” Give me a break. Lubbock doesn’t really have fall, okay? But back to the farm… We went for a wagon ride, picked some apples, ate cider doughnuts, and just enjoyed the sunshine!2012-10-06_001

Jackson (Jaxy) and his sweet momma, Tara, rode with us, and they seemed to have a similar apple picking approach. Eat as many apples as possible.




This morning, we joined a few friends to Shelburne Farm, and it was beautiful as well!


Coop continued to perfect his apple-eating technique. And Rush even grew up picking apples on a legit farm, so he had some really good pointers for him :)


Ahh sweet friends. Matt and Chesna, Rush and Krista, John and Whitney… And Jason, Becca & Noah hadn’t arrived yet… I guess we’ll just have to do it again to get another group pic :)


Jordan went to Lubbock this weekend to watch the Tech/OU game. So he missed out on the apple-picking fun… Except for this one picture. He flew back real quick to pose. Always being where he needs to be, that guy!



Section J Retreat

October 2, 2012

All of the sections went on a retreat this past weekend and section J’s was going down in Cape Cod. We decided to go for the day on Saturday instead of being there the whole weekend, and it was perfect! It was fun to get to know some of Jordan’s section mates a little more, and spend some time in Cape Cod.

It was rainy and cold, but we still managed to play on the beach for a bit.



Coop and I were struggling to get a good pic of us two… haha.



Wedding Weekend in Iowa

September 3, 2012

My dad was born and raised in South Dakota, and we grew up going there every summer. We never complained either – we LOVED it. We loved (and still do love!) seeing all the family, going to the farm my dad grew up on, visiting all of the hot spots in Rapid City (because it really is a cool place)… And sooo many of our memories involve Uncle Bill and Aunt Cindy’s family, because my sister, Jennifer, and me were the same ages as our cousins, Annie and Teresa. If I was REALLY on top of my game, I would have all kinds of hilarious pictures from our childhood that I could post and laugh about, but I’ll just go ahead and tell you that won’t be happening today. But really, SO many good times. Everything from family trips to Mexico, climbing up the tower on Sand Lake Refuge, rollerblading (because that’s what cool kids do. And apparently a lot of people in Boston do as well!? Why did I leave my rollerblades at home?!), braiding hair, laughing, talking about boys… etc… So that’s a little background for you.

Well, Andrea got married this past weekend in Iowa on her husband’s (!!) parents’ farm. Oh.My.Goodness. It was just perfect. The weather was beautiful, the farm was perfect – everything was so much fun! And of course it was wonderful to see family. I’m learning that family reunions are different now, because catching-up time dwindles when your toddler is about to go head first into a fountain or honk the horn on the gator while Uncle Bill is giving a toast. But it was still so good to see so many lovely faces, even if I had just a few minutes with each person. It was so great to celebrate Andrea and TJ – they’re pretty wonderful.


The top left pic is of me and my sister, Jennifer. Her and Stu were SO SWEET to give Coop and I a ride from Minneapolis to Iowa Falls, so we had a lot of quality time. I loved every second of it. And check out my dad’s pony tail. It’s pretty outrageous. The bottom left pic is my cousin Teresa I was talking about earlier. We both have brown hair, we’re both tall, and we have a love for pickles and sunflower seeds. Our cousin childhood in a nutshell.


We were missing Jordan all weekend! He was hittin the books hard while we were gone.




beautiful andrea!


They’re married!


Aunt Jean is really showing Coop how to have a good time


And so are these girls on the dance floor. Coop has some moves. I mean, we dance a lot and stuff, but he definitely pulls out moves I’ve never seen before.


The Everyday Stuff

August 26, 2012

I’m going to start a little something called “The Everyday Stuff,” for the random every day things that go on, and really have no relation to each other. I want to remember all of the stories that go along with these hodgepodge pictures I take with the ol iphone, so here we go…

One day I went for a run… I started running and didn’t want to back track, so I just kept running (yes, you can read this in a Forrest Gump voice) until I came to a bridge. Needless to say, it was a waaaay longer run than normal, but it was so fun to stumble upon this view!


Here are some other pretty sites while walking/running/yogging up and down the Charles River.2012-08-25_011

My little helper. This is what we use to bring our groceries from the car up to the apartment. The trusty ol cart. Except not so trusty, because shortly after I took this picture, the wheel popped off and a meltdown ensued. I think we loaded it down a little too much :) 2012-08-25_013

We’ll go clockwise… Coop’s cheeser face – Aric taught him this face and he does it all the time. So funny.

This yellow side table is one of the many items we’ve found on craigslist! I’m so thankful I have a frugal hubby who makes things like craigslist our BFF. I will say that Boston is a little bit trickier to navigate than Lubbock… Craigslist has most definitely helped us figure out what suburbs are where, and which ones to avoid!

Ohhh be still my heart. I was catching up with Amy on the phone, and Coop was just chillin in my lap for a long time… After 45 minutes or so, I looked down, and he had fallen asleep!! Whaaat?! This hadn’t happened since he was itty bitty… We got real comfy and stayed that way for a long time.

Due to our craigslist adventures, Coop has had a lot of carseat time and he’s been a trooper about it. I cracked up when I saw he fell asleep with his hand IN his snack cup.


Some good, naked, post-bath reading time.


Five Year Anniversary Trip

August 20, 2012

So, let’s rewind a little bit. Okay, a lotta bit. At the beginning of July, Jordan and I took a trip to Mexico to celebrate our anniversary. We aren’t huge anniversary celebrators (I mean, it’s awesome and stuff, but we don’t take a trip every year or anything), so it was such a treat! Jordan’s parents kept Coop while we were gone, which was a huuuuge blessing. Before we flew out of Dallas to go to Mexico, we caught a Rangers game with some of our friends.


This is my sister and her hubby (Jen & Stu). And guess what!! They’re having a baaabbyyyy!


I got these tiny toms painted for Jen and Stu. Jen’s a Texas girl and Stu is from England. McKinley Botkin did an AWESOME job at painting them!! You should check her out if you need any custom painted Toms (or basically anything artistic or creative).


Okay, now onto our Mexico trip. And yes, it’s all of your typical, ‘hold the camera out and take a picture of yourself’ type pictures. We had so much fun!!


We met some sweet newlyweds and hung out with them throughout the week. So fun.2012-08-20_005

And we played tennis. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you go to Mexico?!


Day Trip to Marblehead

August 13, 2012

It’s nice to know people. Or know people who know people, rather.

Amy has worked at an orphanage/school in Uganda the past two summers, and both times she has gone, a sweet woman named Elizabeth has visited the orphanage as well. Elizabeth lives near Boston and told Amy to give her a call when she came to visit. So we did. Turns out her home is in Marblehead, MA, which is a beeauuutiful town right off the coast! Elizabeth was so sweet to be our little tour guide for the afternoon.



Cooper was a trooper, once again, with only a few meltdowns :)





It was such a quaint little town with so much color. Loved it.


Thanks for showing us around, Elizabeth!