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Mickey’s Visit to Boston

October 30, 2013

Our dear friend Mickey came to visit us at the beginning of October (I’m just a liiiiittle behind, guys). It was so much fun to show him around Boston, and Cooper is Mick’s biggest fan – so he was obviously a happy camper.


I basically made Mickey stand in front of everything and smile for a picture – not annoying at all :)2013-10-30_002


The Tuckers in Boston

October 4, 2013

I just love it when our friends come to Boston!! Lindi and her sweet fam came last weekend, and she kept saying, “I want to do fun Boston things, but I REALLY just want to hang out and have a normal weekend with you guys.” What a sweetheart. So that’s exactly what we did :)


The Tucker fam on the harbor2013-10-04_002

Taylor and Lindi are kind of obsessed with aquariums, so we checked out the New England Aquarium2013-10-04_003

And then Apple Picking!! It was such a gorgeous day, and we all ate about 300 apples while we were there. Oh, and basically, everywhere we went turned into a Tucker family photo shoot, so get ready for that :)


Cooper was “juggling” like dad. Since then, we’ve had to set some boundaries on where and what you can juggle – especially because what he juggles ends up being chucked on the floor.2013-10-04_0072013-10-04_0082013-10-04_009

Taylor and Jordan were really loving this apple picking business. Talk about overachievers – they would climb so high just to find the perfect apples. Little boys at heart :)


Back at Harvard Business School’s campus, we had another mini photo shoot. They’re just the cutest family ever.2013-10-04_0122013-10-04_0132013-10-04_014

Mimi & Dude in Boston

October 4, 2013

Mimi and Dude (my parents) came to Boston a few weeks ago – we loved getting to show them around, and Coop was quite the happy camper to have his peeps in town.

The night they got in, Tech played TCU, so we watched the game (Dude, Coop and Mimi celebrating a touchdown in the top right photo). The next day, my dad (and his ponytail) went to class with Jordan and really enjoyed it. Later that day, we went to the Red Sox/Yankees game, which was pretty exciting! Of course I didn’t take any pictures, but we definitely sat in an area with some rowdy Bostonians, so it made for a pretty entertaining game :)


Then the Duck Tour. Oh, the beloved Duck. So, a duck is an amphibious vehicle that gives a tour of Boston – both on land and in water. We did it when we first moved here last year, but let’s just say that since then, Cooper has developed a DEEP love for all vehicles, so he enjoyed it a little more this time. It was so fun!


They even let the kiddos take turns driving while we’re in the water.2013-10-02_003

Okay, okay, Boston is pretty.


I’m pretty sure we take ALL of our visitors to the Make Way for Ducklings statue, but how can you pass it up?!



The next weekend, my cousin got married in Omaha, so Cooper and I flew over and celebrated Teresa and Jeremiah!

But first we went to the zoo, which was awesome.


This kid.2013-10-02_008

The wedding venue was beautiful, and it was so fun being outside in the best weather ever.


This is what was going down throughout the majority of the reception. Cooper and his older ladies tearing up the dance floor.


I can’t believe our time in Midland is coming to an end. Jordan finishes up his internship at the beginning of August, and then we’ll pack up, say our goodbyes, and ROAD TRIP to Boston! We have had so so so much fun here in Tejas, and it will be really hard to leave. But Texas is always here, and we will always be back, so there’s always that :)

Coop’s love for his furry friends has grown a crazy amount, since Lupe has become his new BFF. It’s really going to be a sad day when we say goodbye to Lupe… In fact, Lupe is out of town this weekend, and when I broke the news to Coop, he curled out his bottom lip and almost started to cry. I’m not gonna lie… adjusting to no Lupe, no backyard, and no pool might be a weeeeee bit difficult.


Cooper and I joined my mom, sister and niece in Gruene, Texas for our first annual Girls+Coop trip! We went to Sea World and Cooper realized Shamu is his most favorite thing on earth.


These two pics were the day after we saw Shamu… Ya know, I’m so glad Toy Story isn’t based on real-life events, because Cooper’s old stuffed animals totally got the shaft.



On our way back to Midland, we made the greatest pit stop ever and got to see Allison and Ella!! (McKenna was at school. sad day). Allison MADE a blob (because she’s crazy cool like that), and Coop and Ella had a blast playing in the water.


And then Ella and Coop relived the same pose on the same couch TWO years ago! So funny. Jordan and I can’t stop laughing about Cooper’s perfectly round face. And Ella is just such a big girl. I can’t get over it!


We’ve had several weekend trips to Lubbock, and Lindi and Taylor are always so sweet to let us crash with them. Leighton is out of this world adorable, and Coop things all of her toys are awesome.2013-07-26_017Even though this picture is totally inaccurate (because I’m RARELY the one driving… Jordan is a road warrior), I still had to share.. My sweet, sleeping boys :) Life is just so fun with these two.


We went to a few fire stations the other day in Midland with Uncle Buck and Amy, and the firefighters were so nice! They let Coop sit in the drivers seat and everything. He was quite the happy camper.


We like to hit up random parks in Midland… Who knew one park could have a t-rex, bull, and camel all in the same place?? Midland is so diverse ;)


Our Summer So Far

June 10, 2013

I can’t believe we’ve been in Texas for nearly a month. It’s been so wonderful. Coop and I have been little nomads, but we are finally back in Midland for good! I don’t think we’ll spend a weekend in Midland until mid-July, but at least we’ll get to be in the same place as Jordan :)

I uploaded pictures from my phone (which I do about twice a year), so I thought I’d share a few highlights from our summer so far.

It seems like I took these pictures FOREVER ago, but I was cracking up when I saw the dramatic differences between Boston and Lubbock, Texas from the airplane. Call me crazy, but I think they’re both beautiful in their own special ways :)


Coop and I were in Lubbock for 10 days while Jordan was in Boston taking finals. It was a wonderful 10 days of catching up with friends, hanging out, eating Mexican food, and meeting sweet new babies!! Here’s precious Leighton.


It was so fun to watch The Office finale with some of our original Office watchers. Definitely got teary. And I met sweet baby Lainey.




After our time in Lubbock, Jordan made the 36-hour drive from Boston, and we moved to Midland. One of our new roommates is Lupe the dog. She and Cooper are clearly BFF.


After being in Midland for three days, we peaced out to Dallas for Matt and Allye’s wedding. You might remember their adorable engagement session. They are some dear friends of ours in Boston, and it was pretty great to see a handful of our other Boston pals. Also, the amazing Casey + Aric photographed the wedding and they did an awesome job, as always.


After the fun-filled wedding weekend, we said our goodbyes to Jordan again and spent the week in Fort Worth.


The following weekend, I kept my precious niece, Molly, for the weekend while my sister and her hubby went to Austin for the weekend. Coop and I loved hanging with this little sweetheart.


We got some good family time in while we were there. In the photo on the right, you can see that Coop fully enjoyed a chocolate shake :)


Love love love these precious kiddos.


Every Day Stuff in April

April 28, 2013

Get ready for some randomness.

This was taken a few weeks ago, but it was such a happy day. It was one of the sunniest, warmest days we’ve had in a while, and nearly every kiddo was at the park on campus. Oh happy day!



This was April 15 –  Boston Marathon. We were at mile 24, watching so many hard-working, dedicated runners accomplish their dream. Who knew it would turn into such a devastating day.


Coop and the twins getting their match on. How cute are these turquoise toddlers??


more sweet friends on campus.


The Texas Club hosted a Texas Chili Cookoff… it was so fun to be outside and enjoy the sunshine with our friends! Poor Coop was about 2 hours past his nap so I kept giving him cookies, like any good mom would do.



April 2, 2013

This weekend was amazing. I think I’m starting to realize that the weather affects me in a BIG WAY, and maybe that’s why I thought this weekend was out of this world. But really, it was full of fun times.

Crimson Kids had hosted an Easter party at the Dean’s house. I tell you what. They know how to host a party! It’s not every day you have a man in a bow tie serving you pink lemonade and beautiful cupcakes with precious bunnies on them at a KID’S Easter party. We kept laughing about it… Only at HBS!


We brought in a petting zoo with two baby goats, a piglet, chicks, ducks, and bunnies. Cutest thing ever. The kids loved it, but maybe the parents loved it just as much or more :)


My sweet hubby was the Easter bunny. I hope I didn’t just let the cat out of the bag (the bunny out of the hat??) to all of those 2 year olds who frequent my blog ;)

Cooper kept his distance from the Easter Bunny for a while, until he heard Jordan’s voice. He totally warmed up to the idea and loved it.


Our sweet friend Geoff was up for whatever he had going on – what a trooper. So of course that meant he was chasing Coop around at the party while I was being served cookies and Jordan was being the Easter Bunny :)


This was before church Sunday morning. This kid melts me on a daily basis.


A big thanks to our friend, Austin, who took these pics of our family!


What’s fun about having a big vehicle in a place like Boston is that you get to give rides a lot. It’s one of my favorite things about Sunday mornings, because we get to load up the ‘ho (tahoe), and celebrate Jesus with sweet friends. It’s pretty great. And Coop thinks it’s awesome because there’s always someone to play with in the back seat. Here was the crew for Easter.



Coop was reeeeally hoping that squirrel would come back down.


They’re just the cutest.


We’ll end on this note :)


HBS SA Co-Presidents

March 1, 2013

For you non-HBS normal people, that title says “Harvard Business School Student Association Co-Presidents.”

Who are these HBS SA Co-Presidents, you ask? MY HUSBAND and the lovely Sarah Arora! I’m SO PROUD of them, and I can’t wait to watch (and attempt to be some sort of support) to these two as they lead the students of HBS. It’s already been so much fun to watch how well they work together and get to know Sarah more – she’s a gem, I tell ya, and I love that she’s already a part of our family. AND she gave me a free babysitting certificate for my birthday – BONUS!

When they first decided to run together, we took that as an opportunity for a photoshoot in 15 degree weather. Who wouldn’t want to pretend to be really pleasant and approachable while you’ve lost all feeling in your fingers and toes?? And I was dying laughing when I was going through the photos on my computer, because towards the end, Jordan started doing this really weird smile and he couldn’t stop. Friends reference, anyone? Anyway, he couldn’t feel his face. So funny.

Here is one before Jordan’s face froze.


Here is their position paper – they were hung up around campus so everyone could see what they were all about.


Jordan and Sarah wrote bios for each other – here’s what Sarah wrote about Jordan:

Those of you know Jordan Strebeck know that he hardly needs an introduction. However, in the time we’ve worked together, I’ve uncovered some interesting tidbits about the man that we all know and love. Without further ado, I present to you Jordan Strebeck: husband, father, President and future political celebrity that we all get to say we knew.

Jordan was born and raised in the bustling metropolis of Clovis, New Mexico. He graduated as the valedictorian of his class (nerd alert), was the student body president (ok, maybe he’s kind of cool) and was elected Governor of Boys State (never mind, nerd alert back on). He went on to attend Texas Tech, where he graduated with a BS in Agricultural & Applied Economics and a minor in Personal Financial Planning, Summa Cum Laude. He spent the last three years as Special Assistant to the Chancellor at Texas Tech, which let’s face it, makes him a hundred times more qualified than me for the role of SA Co-President – way to go me for picking this winner for a running mate.

Here at HBS, Jordan is the Section J president (#beastmode) and is a member of the Texas Club, the Christian Fellowship, the Southern Students Association and the Energy & Environment Club. He is also married to the most amazing woman in the world, Brittany Strebeck, who I frankly wish was MY wife and has a beautiful 2 year old son, Cooper, who you may have seen wandering around campus in a lion costume, stealing the hearts of HBS women. Jordan loves watching sports (and making sports metaphors that I pretend to understand), the West Wing and reading books about tractors and trains (sometimes with Cooper, but sometimes just on his lonesome.) He also has a huge man crush on Dimitrios Tzivelis and isn’t afraid to admit it.

I couldn’t imagine running for SA Co-Presidents with anyone but Jordan, Brittany and Cooper (oh yes, we’re a package deal.)

And here’s what Jordan wrote about Sarah:

Alow me (Jordan) to introduce the pride of Albuquerque, NM, and my ridiculously overqualified running mate, Sarah Arora!

Let me tell you a little bit about Sarah. As I mentioned, she is from Albuquerque, NM- but don’t think Breaking Bad here, I mean, she went to high school at Albuquerque Academy, which is basically the New Mexican equivalent of Exeter. While at Academy, she was elected Student Body President and graduated near the top of her class. After leaving (escaping?) New Mexico, she attended Stanford on a music scholarship and earned her BS and MS in Management Science and Engineering (at this point I feel like she’s just showing off).

After Stanford, she spent some time working in venture capital before moving on to McKinsey, where she worked for 2 years. Immediately prior to HBS, she spent 6 months in Peru working for a non-profit providing resources to entrepreneurs and working on her espanol. She is passionate about healthcare, entrepreneurship, and where the two intersect- probably because she comes from a long line of doctors and is the first person in her family not to go to Medical School since anyone can remember (I know, what a rebel).

In her spare time, she likes to sing and dance (sometimes at the same time), teaches a Sunday School at her temple, and watches (read: obsesses over) the Bachelor. She also secretly wishes she could be a contestant on the Bachelor but is willing to give it all up to serve as your SA Co-President. That’s what I call sacrifice.

So, that’s a little bit about Sarah- in short, she’s a complete rock star and I couldn’t imagine a better running mate. If this were twitter, I’d end this with #teamsarah or something clever, but it isn’t, so I’ll just end it with a regular period.

The night before voting day, we put on our campaigning attire and hung out in Spangler Grille. I think Coop enjoyed meeting so many new friends and playing trains with big college kids :)


Yesterday was voting day, and around 8:30 last night, Jordan got the call that he and Sarah won! Yayyyy! We went out to celebrate at Grafton Street with sweet friends.


Jordan convinced himself that he got these two Texas Longhorns to “get their guns up,” but I think they might just be pointing at him. Either way, it’s a fun pic :)


Once again, congratulations to Jordan and Sarah!!! And many many thanks to all the peeps who put forth time and effort to help spread the word!

Christmas in Clovis

January 10, 2013

It wasn’t really a normal Christmas, but it sure was wonderful. God is teaching me a lot through this two-month span away from our new home in Boston. He’s SO GOOD and has given us such amazing friends and family, that we have had a vehicle to drive, a place to stay, and awesome company the whole time we’ve been in Texas/New Mexico. I mean, really, that alone is so much more than we could ever deserve.

Jordan, Cooper and I were the only “kiddos” in Clovis for actual Christmas, and Mickey came to celebrate with us. When Mickey got to Clovis, Cooper was sleeping, and I was telling Mickey how Coop had been really hesitant with people on this trip, and it might take him a little while to warm up to him… The next morning, Coop came right over, grabbed Mickey’s hand and showed him his toys. It was a pretty sweet moment. I guess they really did have some good bonding moments back in the day :)


Mickey got Cooper some Jordans… He’s going to keep our kiddo stylin’ throughout the years.


Papa taught Cooper all kinds of things… cleaning, using a screwdriver, vacuuming… life skills, people.


the train was a hit.


Christmas at Na-na’s was fun, as always!



We’re all a little obsessed with Lillian – obviously.


What a cute hubby I have, huh? In the bottom right picture, he had fallen asleep. Such a silly.





We are Nomads

December 12, 2012

Cooper and I have officially lived out of a suitcase (or three) for a little over three weeks. See, we all came to Fort Worth for Thanksgiving, and then Jordan flew back to Boston to finish up classes and finals for three weeks. It’s not my favorite situation, and I miss Jordan like CRAZY (I mean, how in the world did we think this was such a good idea?!), but one thing comes to mind right off the bat. We absolutely have the best friends and family in the whole entire world. They have welcomed us with open arms and have let us make their home ours – and a lot of times, that’s a pretty messy/inconvenient situation, but it’s been wonderful! And on top of that, it’s been really fun.

The weather has been cracking me up (and really challenging my packing skillz). When we first came to Texas in November, it was 80 here, and snowing in Boston. And of course I didn’t pack any summer clothes. Then it snowed in Lubbock last week while it was in the 50’s in Boston… Gotta love it.

We enjoyed playing in the snow at Lindi and Taylor’s house… it’s been so fun having a back yard :)



Jordan gets here Saturday!! Woooohoooo!