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Mickey’s Visit to Boston

October 30, 2013

Our dear friend Mickey came to visit us at the beginning of October (I’m just a liiiiittle behind, guys). It was so much fun to show him around Boston, and Cooper is Mick’s biggest fan – so he was obviously a happy camper.


I basically made Mickey stand in front of everything and smile for a picture – not annoying at all :)2013-10-30_002


The Tuckers in Boston

October 4, 2013

I just love it when our friends come to Boston!! Lindi and her sweet fam came last weekend, and she kept saying, “I want to do fun Boston things, but I REALLY just want to hang out and have a normal weekend with you guys.” What a sweetheart. So that’s exactly what we did :)


The Tucker fam on the harbor2013-10-04_002

Taylor and Lindi are kind of obsessed with aquariums, so we checked out the New England Aquarium2013-10-04_003

And then Apple Picking!! It was such a gorgeous day, and we all ate about 300 apples while we were there. Oh, and basically, everywhere we went turned into a Tucker family photo shoot, so get ready for that :)


Cooper was “juggling” like dad. Since then, we’ve had to set some boundaries on where and what you can juggle – especially because what he juggles ends up being chucked on the floor.2013-10-04_0072013-10-04_0082013-10-04_009

Taylor and Jordan were really loving this apple picking business. Talk about overachievers – they would climb so high just to find the perfect apples. Little boys at heart :)


Back at Harvard Business School’s campus, we had another mini photo shoot. They’re just the cutest family ever.2013-10-04_0122013-10-04_0132013-10-04_014

Mimi & Dude in Boston

October 4, 2013

Mimi and Dude (my parents) came to Boston a few weeks ago – we loved getting to show them around, and Coop was quite the happy camper to have his peeps in town.

The night they got in, Tech played TCU, so we watched the game (Dude, Coop and Mimi celebrating a touchdown in the top right photo). The next day, my dad (and his ponytail) went to class with Jordan and really enjoyed it. Later that day, we went to the Red Sox/Yankees game, which was pretty exciting! Of course I didn’t take any pictures, but we definitely sat in an area with some rowdy Bostonians, so it made for a pretty entertaining game :)


Then the Duck Tour. Oh, the beloved Duck. So, a duck is an amphibious vehicle that gives a tour of Boston – both on land and in water. We did it when we first moved here last year, but let’s just say that since then, Cooper has developed a DEEP love for all vehicles, so he enjoyed it a little more this time. It was so fun!


They even let the kiddos take turns driving while we’re in the water.2013-10-02_003

Okay, okay, Boston is pretty.


I’m pretty sure we take ALL of our visitors to the Make Way for Ducklings statue, but how can you pass it up?!



The next weekend, my cousin got married in Omaha, so Cooper and I flew over and celebrated Teresa and Jeremiah!

But first we went to the zoo, which was awesome.


This kid.2013-10-02_008

The wedding venue was beautiful, and it was so fun being outside in the best weather ever.


This is what was going down throughout the majority of the reception. Cooper and his older ladies tearing up the dance floor.


I can’t believe our time in Midland is coming to an end. Jordan finishes up his internship at the beginning of August, and then we’ll pack up, say our goodbyes, and ROAD TRIP to Boston! We have had so so so much fun here in Tejas, and it will be really hard to leave. But Texas is always here, and we will always be back, so there’s always that :)

Coop’s love for his furry friends has grown a crazy amount, since Lupe has become his new BFF. It’s really going to be a sad day when we say goodbye to Lupe… In fact, Lupe is out of town this weekend, and when I broke the news to Coop, he curled out his bottom lip and almost started to cry. I’m not gonna lie… adjusting to no Lupe, no backyard, and no pool might be a weeeeee bit difficult.


Cooper and I joined my mom, sister and niece in Gruene, Texas for our first annual Girls+Coop trip! We went to Sea World and Cooper realized Shamu is his most favorite thing on earth.


These two pics were the day after we saw Shamu… Ya know, I’m so glad Toy Story isn’t based on real-life events, because Cooper’s old stuffed animals totally got the shaft.



On our way back to Midland, we made the greatest pit stop ever and got to see Allison and Ella!! (McKenna was at school. sad day). Allison MADE a blob (because she’s crazy cool like that), and Coop and Ella had a blast playing in the water.


And then Ella and Coop relived the same pose on the same couch TWO years ago! So funny. Jordan and I can’t stop laughing about Cooper’s perfectly round face. And Ella is just such a big girl. I can’t get over it!


We’ve had several weekend trips to Lubbock, and Lindi and Taylor are always so sweet to let us crash with them. Leighton is out of this world adorable, and Coop things all of her toys are awesome.2013-07-26_017Even though this picture is totally inaccurate (because I’m RARELY the one driving… Jordan is a road warrior), I still had to share.. My sweet, sleeping boys :) Life is just so fun with these two.


We went to a few fire stations the other day in Midland with Uncle Buck and Amy, and the firefighters were so nice! They let Coop sit in the drivers seat and everything. He was quite the happy camper.


We like to hit up random parks in Midland… Who knew one park could have a t-rex, bull, and camel all in the same place?? Midland is so diverse ;)


4th of July with the fam

July 26, 2013

Yes, I am aware it is July 26th. But I had to share the cuteness.

We had a Strebeck vacation in Abilene, Texas, of all places, and it really was perfect! We rented a house for a few days and did a whole lot of hanging out, swimming and eating.

It’s so fun to watch all the cousins play together and to know that they’ll grow up having such great memories with each other. Oh, and I have fully accepted the fact that for about 20 years, there will never be a picture where all the kids are looking at the camera :)


such a little sweetheart2013-07-26_002

this one… it’s just so funny. they’re all in their own little world.2013-07-26_0032013-07-26_004

boys will be boys :)2013-07-26_0052013-07-26_0062013-07-26_007

Man oh man. What a fun journey it’s been – watching Chris and Amy go from friends to good friends to awkward friends to more than friends :)

Their wedding was this past weekend and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I can’t even describe how much joy it brought me to watch my best friend marry her main squeeze.

The wedding weekend was kicked off with a backyard BBQ at Chris’ Papa’s house. It was intimate and sweet, and so much fun.


Here are a few from the rehearsal dinner (via my iphone… not the best quality!)


Ahhh the wedding day. Amy was (is) radiant and Chris was (is) so handsome. They made a handful of kiddos feel pretty special on their big day.


My parents (and sister’s family) and Jordan’s parents were at the wedding, so not only was it a big reunion with so many of our college friends, it was also a fun family reunion. Which brings me to this… Jordan’s momma – Nana – chased our little wandering boy all around Spirit Ranch, not to mention she kept him all weekend long since we had wedding festivities and whatnot. She made sure he walked down the aisle, was fed, bathed, changed, etc. and she did it all with a smile on her face. She loves our boy well, and she really blessed us by giving us some free time! Thanks, Nana :)


mi familia!


Coop busted out moves I had never seen before. Of course I didn’t get pictures of that… But when they were all boogied out, they took a break to play in the rocks.


The night ended with the polar bear. THE polar bear. Let me explain. One year for Christmas, Ella was given a verrrryy expensive Christmas decoration, which just so happened to be a huge polar bear hugging a Christmas tree. Let’s just say it doesn’t look like a hug, if ya know what I mean. I’ll keep it PG here, folks. Anyhow, it turned into a big joke, especially once CasaGrande formed. The polar bear has been tucked into Chris’ bed, in the back seat of my car, in Bob and Allison’s shower… It has traveled TO temple, and then back to Lubbock when Allison and the girls made a surprise trip to help me pack… And then it somehow ended up in Amy’s garage in Midland. I stole it back last week, and it made it’s way into the backseat of Amy and Chris’ getaway car. Perfect way to end a perfect weekend :)


Our Summer So Far

June 10, 2013

I can’t believe we’ve been in Texas for nearly a month. It’s been so wonderful. Coop and I have been little nomads, but we are finally back in Midland for good! I don’t think we’ll spend a weekend in Midland until mid-July, but at least we’ll get to be in the same place as Jordan :)

I uploaded pictures from my phone (which I do about twice a year), so I thought I’d share a few highlights from our summer so far.

It seems like I took these pictures FOREVER ago, but I was cracking up when I saw the dramatic differences between Boston and Lubbock, Texas from the airplane. Call me crazy, but I think they’re both beautiful in their own special ways :)


Coop and I were in Lubbock for 10 days while Jordan was in Boston taking finals. It was a wonderful 10 days of catching up with friends, hanging out, eating Mexican food, and meeting sweet new babies!! Here’s precious Leighton.


It was so fun to watch The Office finale with some of our original Office watchers. Definitely got teary. And I met sweet baby Lainey.




After our time in Lubbock, Jordan made the 36-hour drive from Boston, and we moved to Midland. One of our new roommates is Lupe the dog. She and Cooper are clearly BFF.


After being in Midland for three days, we peaced out to Dallas for Matt and Allye’s wedding. You might remember their adorable engagement session. They are some dear friends of ours in Boston, and it was pretty great to see a handful of our other Boston pals. Also, the amazing Casey + Aric photographed the wedding and they did an awesome job, as always.


After the fun-filled wedding weekend, we said our goodbyes to Jordan again and spent the week in Fort Worth.


The following weekend, I kept my precious niece, Molly, for the weekend while my sister and her hubby went to Austin for the weekend. Coop and I loved hanging with this little sweetheart.


We got some good family time in while we were there. In the photo on the right, you can see that Coop fully enjoyed a chocolate shake :)


Love love love these precious kiddos.


Coop and I are back in Texas! It’s amazing.

I’ll be honest – I really was a little sad to leave Boston for the summer, and I already miss certain things and people and whatnot… But man. Life is just so so so good in Texas. Backyards, warm weather, parking lots, Chick fil a, my peeps… Although, we are missing Jordan BIG TIME. He’s been swamped with finals and packing up our apartment for the summer. Poor guy.

We had Chris and Amy’s Couples Shower this past weekend. It was a perfect evening with so many wonderful friends… I didn’t want it to end! And oh my goodness – we have the most creative friends EVER. Check it.


Since we were here for Christmas, FOUR of our sweet friends have welcomed precious babies into the world. So there was a lot of baby passing around going on. Pretty wonderful stuff.


These two grilled up some tasty burgers


Chris and Amy! And Ella presenting them with her and Elli’s “special sandwich” :)


I love taking pictures of these two for their wedding slideshow :)


The hostesses


We Love Visitors!

May 13, 2013

When Jordan and I went to Newport a few weeks ago, Jordan’s lovely family (Nana, Papa, Aunt Berniece and Na-Na) came to hang with Cooper while we had a weekend to ourselves. So sweet, right?? It felt so good to leave town knowing that our boy would be loved on by so many wonderful people. They stayed a few days before and after our Newport trip so they could explore Boston. My only regret is that I didn’t take hardly any pictures!! They had most of their adventures while we were gone, so I’m hoping they at least took some :)


Then my mom came to visit! We celebrated a friend’s first birthday party in Scituate, MA, and the home it was at was literally on the beach!! It was so fun to see a different part of this area (and try to convince myself it wasn’t freezing cold in May).


We walked around Harvard Square during Mayfair – a fun festival with live music and street performers and whatnot. So that was fun to see!


Ahhh Boston Gardens. It’s always so beautiful here. But in the spring?? Oh.My.Goodness. It was magical, guys!!


We fed the ducks… Actually, Cooper ate the bread and Mimi and I fed the ducks ;)




April 28, 2013

Guys I’m on a roll. Three posts in one day??! Can you tell I’m avoiding unpacking my bag and doing laundry, or what?

Every year, Newport Ball happens. It’s a super fun weekend for the RCs (required curriculum aka first year students) at HBS in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is a darling little town right on the coast, and we stayed in a Bed and Breakfast right off the town square. Jordan’s mom, aunt, and grandma (party!!) all came to hang with Cooper for the weekend while we were gone. Aren’t they amazing?

We drove into Newport, got ready for the ball, and headed to the venue where the ball took place. Jordan, Sarah, and their executive team arrived early for a little tour of the place, so I got to ride on their coattails and take pretty pictures of the sunset before everyone else arrived.



These guys.


I sure do love these ladies!



Jordan wore his Paw-Paw Ray’s tie clip. Pretty snazzy.


The next morning, we toured one of the Newport Mansions. This was their backyard… whaaaat?! It was pretty unbelievable. Although, I’m not gonna lie… All I could think about was Downton Abbey :)


Saturday night we had a clam bake – horseshoe, washers, bean bag toss (which people call cornhole up here??) and lobster! No clams though… never figured that one out.


It was SUCH a fun weekend – definitely a once in a lifetime kind of trip. I’m so thankful we have family to love on our Coop while we were gone, and send us pictures of him eating ice cream and whatnot :)