Chris & Amy’s Couples Shower

May 19, 2013

Coop and I are back in Texas! It’s amazing.

I’ll be honest – I really was a little sad to leave Boston for the summer, and I already miss certain things and people and whatnot… But man. Life is just so so so good in Texas. Backyards, warm weather, parking lots, Chick fil a, my peeps… Although, we are missing Jordan BIG TIME. He’s been swamped with finals and packing up our apartment for the summer. Poor guy.

We had Chris and Amy’s Couples Shower this past weekend. It was a perfect evening with so many wonderful friends… I didn’t want it to end! And oh my goodness – we have the most creative friends EVER. Check it.


Since we were here for Christmas, FOUR of our sweet friends have welcomed precious babies into the world. So there was a lot of baby passing around going on. Pretty wonderful stuff.


These two grilled up some tasty burgers


Chris and Amy! And Ella presenting them with her and Elli’s “special sandwich” :)


I love taking pictures of these two for their wedding slideshow :)


The hostesses


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