April 2, 2013

This weekend was amazing. I think I’m starting to realize that the weather affects me in a BIG WAY, and maybe that’s why I thought this weekend was out of this world. But really, it was full of fun times.

Crimson Kids had hosted an Easter party at the Dean’s house. I tell you what. They know how to host a party! It’s not every day you have a man in a bow tie serving you pink lemonade and beautiful cupcakes with precious bunnies on them at a KID’S Easter party. We kept laughing about it… Only at HBS!


We brought in a petting zoo with two baby goats, a piglet, chicks, ducks, and bunnies. Cutest thing ever. The kids loved it, but maybe the parents loved it just as much or more :)


My sweet hubby was the Easter bunny. I hope I didn’t just let the cat out of the bag (the bunny out of the hat??) to all of those 2 year olds who frequent my blog ;)

Cooper kept his distance from the Easter Bunny for a while, until he heard Jordan’s voice. He totally warmed up to the idea and loved it.


Our sweet friend Geoff was up for whatever he had going on – what a trooper. So of course that meant he was chasing Coop around at the party while I was being served cookies and Jordan was being the Easter Bunny :)


This was before church Sunday morning. This kid melts me on a daily basis.


A big thanks to our friend, Austin, who took these pics of our family!


What’s fun about having a big vehicle in a place like Boston is that you get to give rides a lot. It’s one of my favorite things about Sunday mornings, because we get to load up the ‘ho (tahoe), and celebrate Jesus with sweet friends. It’s pretty great. And Coop thinks it’s awesome because there’s always someone to play with in the back seat. Here was the crew for Easter.



Coop was reeeeally hoping that squirrel would come back down.


They’re just the cutest.


We’ll end on this note :)


Allison posted the following on April 4, 2013 at 10:37 pm.

Oh I just love all of this! Coop in his bow tie, Jordan as the bunny and the fun Easter party! You guys are such a good looking family! I really just love that Jordan was the bunny and Coop warmed up after hearing his voice. So so sweet!

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