Five Year Anniversary Trip

August 20, 2012

So, let’s rewind a little bit. Okay, a lotta bit. At the beginning of July, Jordan and I took a trip to Mexico to celebrate our anniversary. We aren’t huge anniversary celebrators (I mean, it’s awesome and stuff, but we don’t take a trip every year or anything), so it was such a treat! Jordan’s parents kept Coop while we were gone, which was a huuuuge blessing. Before we flew out of Dallas to go to Mexico, we caught a Rangers game with some of our friends.


This is my sister and her hubby (Jen & Stu). And guess what!! They’re having a baaabbyyyy!


I got these tiny toms painted for Jen and Stu. Jen’s a Texas girl and Stu is from England. McKinley Botkin did an AWESOME job at painting them!! You should check her out if you need any custom painted Toms (or basically anything artistic or creative).


Okay, now onto our Mexico trip. And yes, it’s all of your typical, ‘hold the camera out and take a picture of yourself’ type pictures. We had so much fun!!


We met some sweet newlyweds and hung out with them throughout the week. So fun.2012-08-20_005

And we played tennis. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you go to Mexico?!


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