Keina in Boston

November 12, 2012

Oh where to begin with Keina! I met her in 8th grade in Edmond, Oklahoma. I was the new kid at school, and we became friends. We only lived in Oklahoma for a year and a half, and Keina and I have kept in touch ever since. She was in my wedding, she came to visit Lubbock when Coop was just four weeks old, and she’s one of the best phone-talkers I know. She’s a loyal friend and beneath all of her spunk and sass, she has a really big heart. Or maybe her love language is spunk and sass – I’m not quite sure ;)

Keina lives in DC and hopped on a plane to come visit this past weekend. Have I mentioned that I love visitors?!?

Since Keina has never been apple picking, we made another trip out to Honey Pot, and Jordan got to come, too! He has a creeper ‘stache, in honor of Movember (men’s health awareness). So don’t think he’s trying a new look out. It will most definitely be gone, come December :)




Coop loves his daddy so much. It’s just the greatest thing ever.


This picture is the first of many where Keina is standing with or in front of something random.


While Coop was napping and Jordan was studying, Keina and I went and walked around Boston for a few hours. Boston Common, Boston Gardens, the North end, and harbor… It was the most beautiful day ever. There were street performers everywhere, and a mermaid. What???


Isn’t she such a sport for letting me take pictures of her all over Boston?? I’m so annoying, I know.


When Chris and Amy came to visit, we took a picture of Chris sitting on the duck statue. Then Aric did it when they visited. So naturally, I made Keina sit on the ducks as well. She had to stand in line with all of the children. Hehe :)


Thanks for taking the time to visit us, Keina!! We’re coming to DC in the spring – WOOHOO!


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