March 14, 2014

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while since I blogged. For you two readers out there, many apologies. You’d think being in Boston for the winter would allow for plenty of indoor, blogging time, but I guess it just doesn’t work that way.

It snowed the day we flew back to Boston from Texas, and with a few snows in between, I THINK it’s almost all melted. Even though I might be a liiiittle sick of it, we definitely have made some fun memories getting bundled and playing in the snow. Hopefully that statement gave you a great visual of a preggo in a puffy coat trying to make a snow angel or something.


The belly is growing. So much so that I’ve even been asked the ever so polite question of, “are you sure you aren’t having twins?” Yes I’m sure, and thank you. Our sweet little guy has been healthy and will be here in less than four weeks – I can’t even believe it! The top right picture was a random reflection of Coop and I in Harvard Square one day… I felt like it captured Boston in the winter… taxi, snow, puffy coats… And Cooper miiiight love the snow plows even more than the snow, so that’s him pointing out the window, loving life in a crazy way because of the amazing snow plows. The bottom right picture is right before swim class… We have yet to go to a swim class this semester when I don’t have to climb a snow or ice mountain to put quarters in the parking meter. It’s humorous, I tell ya.


After another big snow, Jordan and Matt built a snow slide and it provided lots of fun for the little and big boys :)



Then there was Valentine’s Day. This chalkboard was for the Crimson Parents Valentines party, so of course we used it as a prop at home, too.


I’m pretty sure this was the first time Cooper rode his scooter (it was a Christmas present from Nana and Papa) outside… Our apartment hallway has kind of become his scooter territory. AND this was the first day we could get by without our huge puffer coats. Exciting day I tell ya! We also went for a fun trip to the Cambridge Fire Station. Always a hit.


Coop is officially potty trained! His many faces would come out as he was attempting, but now that he’s a big boy, he tends to “needs some privacy.” He’s about to turn three. What in the world?!


My boys are so handsome.


And then Ames and Chris came to Boston! Actually, our friends Amy and Jeff came last weekend, but I was apparently a terrible picture taker because I have ZERO pictures of them here. So sad. But we loved having them here. Ames and Chris both had spring break this past week, so they came to spend it with us!


We went to the Avett Brothers concert, did lots of hanging out in sweats, walked into Harvard Square a few times, and ended their trip with a Celtics game. One of the days they were here, it was 50 degrees and sunny, and I made them eat frozen yogurt outside… I maybe got a little too excited, but it was a fun glimpse of what is to come :)

Every time Ames and I have to say our goodbyes, we talk about when we’ll get to see each other next.. I can’t even believe that the next time I see her, it’ll be because we will be MOVING TO MIDLAND. CRAZYYYY!


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