February 18, 2011

I know, I know. Not too many posts these days. Honestly, it’s been a great season of catch-up for me. I am no longer indebted to Wedding Albums or editing of any kind… that’s right. I’m totally caught up. CUH-RAZY.

I’ve had sessions here and there, but this time of year is usually a slower time for me any way, so I’ve been trying to ENJOY it, rather than go stir crazy. I guess I’m realizing I don’t have too many hobbies… So, I’m trying to work on that. Jordan got me a sewing machine for Christmas (which I’m so excited about, really), but I’m a little bit terrified of it at the moment. I kept saying I would bust it out once I finished Wedding Albums, so now is the time. I did take it out of the box this week, so I feel like that’s a big step. I’m ridiculous, I know. And I’m not always such a sissy about things in life, but for some reason, talk of bobbins and $60 scissors makes me want to take my time. Goodness gracious, I need to stop typing before I sound like a complete crazy.

Moving on… It’s also been so much fun getting ready for Cooper to come into our lives. Washing his teeny tiny clothes, putting the bedding on his crib, pushing around his stroller around the house for fun… that’s normal, right? ;) We have six more weeks to go!

A while back, I did a session of sweet Mary Grace, back when it was freeeeezing cold outside. She’s a doll, huh?



And this is one from the precious Morgan family.


And last, but not least, Ella. It’s strange posting a picture of Ella in the snow, when I’m about to go outside and catch some rays in the 80 degree weather. Better late than never though!


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