Matthew & Sabrina – the proposal

December 19, 2011

oh. my. goodness. These two have been a huge part of our lives for the past 7 years. Matthew and Sabrina were in the youth group I interned with throughout college. So there they were – Matthew, the little punk of a kid, and sweet Sabrina, with her braces and middle school-ness going on. I never knew we would all grow so close… But what’s more important here, is that I never thought THEY would grow so close, much less ever date each other! Well, they proved me wrong, bigtime. And they quickly became one of the darn cutest couples I know. And now they’re engaged. That’s how it works, folks. I could say more about these two, but I’ll wait for the emotional aspect to kick in when I do their engagement photos. haha.

Matthew did an awesome job of putting the perfect night together for Sabrina. She had NO idea what was coming, and as you will see, I believe she was more than pleasantly surprised.



Pardon me if I geek out a bit, but it was DARK in this room, and I was shooting at ISO5000… Seriously? I mean, I know there’s plenty of grain, but way to go, 5DmkII! Okay, I’m done.


then everyone came out of the back rooms to celebrate!




love this.


admiring the ring.


love all the girly giddiness and giggles



so happy for you two!!



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