Matthew & Sabrina’s Couples Shower

June 22, 2012

Oh, these two!! Remember when Matthew proposed?? And then when I took some pictures of these two really cute/hilarious/fun/engaged people? Well, we had a Couples Shower for them last night, and it was so much fun getting to celebrate them with many of their close friends. And it’s weird to think about (and by weird, I mean so depressing), but it was probably our last big shindig at Casa Grande. Man, this house has been good to us. And good for parties and fun.



They played a little game where they were asked questions like “who’s the better cook,” or “who is more spontaneous,” and they would lift either Matthew or Sabrina’s shoe for whoever they thought fit the question best. So fun!



Sabrina and her momma, and then the three little pigs (during another game that was played… so funny)


the dudes and ladies!


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