new year

January 2, 2012

well helloooo 2012! I seriously can’t believe it’s a new year. Everyone says that, but still.

SO much happened in 2011. So many good things, a few hard things, but dang it was a good year.

I started writing a post about the new year a couple days ago, then got inspired by those amazing chicas from Lullaby Lubbock, and realized that pictures make everything better (doy). So here it is – 2011.

Baby McKenna started off everyone’s year perfectly. Followed by Evie & Thomas.



Allison, Jordan, and many other amazing, non-blogging friends, threw me the cutest, most thoughtful baby shower ever.


I got to witness firsthand how an amazing party theme is dreamed up, thought out, and executed… Haha. Let me tell ya, Just Dance was amazing. And so fun. And the whole time I was thinking that maybe if I danced hard enough, Cooper would go ahead and come into this world :)


Cooper came into our lives!! And now he makes crazy faces like the one below. Love that kid.


Then the Booths moved, and CasaGrande was a little lonely. But not for long, don’t worry.


Coop had his first flight – Papa flew us to south Texas for me to shoot a wedding. Then I shot another one the weekend after that. We couldn’t have done it without Nana & Papa!


We had a big family reunion in South Dakota. You know it’s a good time when we have USA flag shirts on.


Coop and I went to Florida for my cousin’s wedding.


We threw a couple’s shower for Lindi & Taylor


Then CasaGrande got filled up again!


Jordan’s brother, Layne, got married to sweet Laurie, and Aric + Casey took the coolest picture I’ve ever seen.


Lindi & Taylor got married. Everything about this wedding was perfect, and it was so fun to see friends from all over.


Lots of football. Amy made it possible for me and Coop to go to almost every game. She was my buddy, my extra hands, my laughing partner, and my pack mule. And then we got to stand with Mickey on senior day. So fun!


Our little family took a trip to Boston. Jordan had an interview at Harvard Business School (because he’s a bad a), and he got accepted!!! We haven’t officially committed yet, but chances are, we’ll be in Boston in the fall. So proud of him. We got to visit the Booths before we flew to Boston, and it was SO GOOD.


Coop was Charlie Brown, Jordan was Linus, and I was Woodstock


Jordan’s flag football team won the Championship. Way to go guys. Because I know ALL of you guys are reading my blog right now.. haha!


Thanksgiving – such sweet time with family!


The Remkes moved out, and Mickey moved in. And Mick graduated from college, too. Woohoo!


My family came to Lubbock for an early Christmas, and Aric + Casey took our family pictures. We’ll cherish them forever!


I think this blog post could have easily been 5 times as long, but all that goes to show is that God is so good. He’s blessed us with so many fun memories with friends and family, too many to fit into one blog post.  So many celebrations of new life, marriages, milestones and just every day fun stuff. I feel like 2012 will be a very different year, but all I know is that among the crazy changes and hard goodbyes, one thing remains the same. God is sovereign and God is so so so good.

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