Oh, July. My how you’ve flown by.

July 26, 2013

I can’t believe our time in Midland is coming to an end. Jordan finishes up his internship at the beginning of August, and then we’ll pack up, say our goodbyes, and ROAD TRIP to Boston! We have had so so so much fun here in Tejas, and it will be really hard to leave. But Texas is always here, and we will always be back, so there’s always that :)

Coop’s love for his furry friends has grown a crazy amount, since Lupe has become his new BFF. It’s really going to be a sad day when we say goodbye to Lupe… In fact, Lupe is out of town this weekend, and when I broke the news to Coop, he curled out his bottom lip and almost started to cry. I’m not gonna lie… adjusting to no Lupe, no backyard, and no pool might be a weeeeee bit difficult.


Cooper and I joined my mom, sister and niece in Gruene, Texas for our first annual Girls+Coop trip! We went to Sea World and Cooper realized Shamu is his most favorite thing on earth.


These two pics were the day after we saw Shamu… Ya know, I’m so glad Toy Story isn’t based on real-life events, because Cooper’s old stuffed animals totally got the shaft.



On our way back to Midland, we made the greatest pit stop ever and got to see Allison and Ella!! (McKenna was at school. sad day). Allison MADE a blob (because she’s crazy cool like that), and Coop and Ella had a blast playing in the water.


And then Ella and Coop relived the same pose on the same couch TWO years ago! So funny. Jordan and I can’t stop laughing about Cooper’s perfectly round face. And Ella is just such a big girl. I can’t get over it!


We’ve had several weekend trips to Lubbock, and Lindi and Taylor are always so sweet to let us crash with them. Leighton is out of this world adorable, and Coop things all of her toys are awesome.2013-07-26_017Even though this picture is totally inaccurate (because I’m RARELY the one driving… Jordan is a road warrior), I still had to share.. My sweet, sleeping boys :) Life is just so fun with these two.


We went to a few fire stations the other day in Midland with Uncle Buck and Amy, and the firefighters were so nice! They let Coop sit in the drivers seat and everything. He was quite the happy camper.


We like to hit up random parks in Midland… Who knew one park could have a t-rex, bull, and camel all in the same place?? Midland is so diverse ;)


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