Our Trip to Sedan, NM

July 28, 2012

Layne and Laurie (Jordan’s bro and his wifey) bought a farm in Sedan, New Mexico, and they’ve been superstars at adjusting to the farm life in the middle of nowhere. We went up to visit a couple weeks ago, and it was the most perfect, relaxing getaway we could have ever taken! It was so great to escape the packing frenzy that we are in the middle of – I loved not having the option of packing boxes or being productive :)

This pretty much sums up what Cooper did the whole time. Played outside in the dirt.


I do love that goofy husband of mine.


Here we are in Layne’s corn! And I think Laurie took that picture of Coop… I just love that face. Actually, Laurie took A LOT of these pictures, so thanks for that. She’s quite the photographer!


It’s not too shabby seeing this from your backyard


Laying in a hammock chewing on a stick?! I think Coop was having the time of his life. Boston will probably be JUST like Sedan, so I think we’re in good shape. Oh, wait… I must have gotten confused just then.


I took some pictures of Layne and Laurie around their farm and house… Aren’t they just the cutest?



Coop got to ride Taco for the first time! He loved the horses from far away, but once he was on Taco, it was all business and verrry serious. So funny.


I haven’t ridden a horse since one stepped on my foot in junior high, so of course Layne made me face my fear. Me and Taco moved like two feet, but I consider that a victory.




Thanks for being the best hosts ever, Layne and Laurie!! There will be many more trips to the farm, that’s fo sho.


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