out of the office… errr country

December 22, 2010

Hey folks. Welp, I’ve put in all my orders, answered e-mails, and backed everything up, and the time has come to shut the ol compy down for a solid five days.

Yep, Jordan and I are off to Mexico with my family! The last time Jordan and I were there was our honeymoon three and a half years ago, so it’ll be so much fun to make more memories. We definitely have some good ones from before… Like me losing my passport, having the privilege of riding to Mexico on a bus, and us both being sick the whole time… But we totally watched Arrested Development the whole time when we weren’t taking turns in the bathroom being sick. Haha good times.

If you need to contact me, e-mail is the best way, but hopefully I’ll be taking my vacation seriously and not checking it… we’ll see about that :)

Here’s a picture from back in the day. Sooo funnnn!


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