Summer Recap – Life in Texas

October 2, 2014

I just looked back to see when my last “personal” blog post was… YEAH. When Boone was born!!! He’ll be six months old in a few weeks. I’m a super slacker. But I’m getting back on track, guys. Now that my computer is set up, I almost have a desk, and we’re settling into our groove here in Midland.

So get ready for a big photo dump – I’m going to cruise through the highlights of the last few months.

The Strebecks went to Santa Fe for vacation this summer. It was the perfect set up – a big house for all of us to stay in, a perfect backyard, and the best weather. Oh, and the best people ever, duh.


Nana and Papa with all the grandkids. There is now one more since this picture was taken!


Clearly, lots of fun was had.


We celebrated Nana’s 60’th and the kids sang her N-A-N-A (to the tune of YMCA), Papa shot a coke rocket (I don’t know why I think this picture is so funny… take note of the bluetooth)


We’ve been loving our home/neighborhood/backyard. These pictures pretty much sum up our summer at home. Coop might have worn a shirt one or two days, I’m not sure. He loves “mowing” the lawn with the baby walker. When he goes to friends’ houses that have real pretend (oxymoron?) mowers, he flips out and that’s all he plays with. I mean, buy the kid a toy mower, right?? I’m trying to be frugal, or something, so a baby walker mower it is.


Jordan is the best dad ever. Hands down.2014-10-01_008

Coop and Ames love their dance parties. And Midland has got a ton of rain in the past few weeks. Coop loves going to the end of our driveway and splashing around… oooor straight up sitting in the puddles. Amy had a fun idea – we put popsicle sticks in a bar of soap and had little boat races in the street. Coop loved it!


Midland county fair, what what!


The Booths came to Midland! I seriously could have a blog post for this weekend alone, but I’ll practice some self control. For those of you who don’t know the CasaGrande story… The shorter I tell it, the weirder it sounds, so here goes… I worked at Starbucks and Bob frequented Starbucks as he was a bad-A med student. We became Starbucks friends, he invited us over for dinner, we all hit it off and became great friends. Fast forward a bit… They were trying to sell their house in Lubbock, and we just bought a big ol house that we remodeled and were eventually going to sell. So the Booths moved in!! Along with Chris (aka Uncle Jesse) who needed a place to stay. I was pregnant with Cooper, Allison was pregnant with their second girl, McKenna, and we were all one big happy family. So when we all get back together, it is a happy time, I tell ya. So good for the heart. Oh, and if you look closely, Cooper is holding a picture of CasaGrande from 2010. I love how it’s growing!!


Jennifer (my sister) and Molly came to Midland for a few days, and we had so much fun! T&T donuts (duh), lots of painting, playing outside, chasing Dillon’s duck who we were ducksitting, etc.


My boys. I love them so.


My dad (Dude) also came to town for a weekend. It’s always fun having Dude and his ponytail around.


And my mom has been here a few times. These boys LOVE their Mimi.


It’s safe to say my boys look nothing alike. But when I put Boone in this outfit, I flashed back to this picture of Jordan and Cooper, and had to get one of Jordan and Boone.


Cooper started a two-day a week Children’s Day Out program at First Baptist. He loves it!


We’ve been to Lubbock a handful of times for Tech games. I love how our Lubbock trips turn into seeing dear friends and seeing Jordan’s family, too.


We went to Fort Worth for my dad’s retirement partay. It was so fun celebrating him and his hard work, and getting to spend time with the fam, too.


Hil turned 30 in September and we went out for dinner to celebrate. But you just wait… there is a going to be a fun shindig for all of us 30-year-olds soon. WATCH OUT.


Here is sweet Charlie!! Tracy and Joe’s little pumpkin. Me and the boys popped over to Lubbock one day so we could meet him. Such a sweetheart.



I just love the Granatwins. Look how cute they are. It’s been so fun living in the same place as them and their cool momma!


Well kudos to you if you’re still scrolling through this jumbled mess of pictures. It’s been a really great few months, and I just wanted to wrap it all up in one post. We’re so happy to be in Midland, and so thankful for EVERYTHING God has provided – a home, a job, a school for Cooper, amazing friends… But it hit me a few months in, and I realized transition is just hard. No matter how good it is. When your family is uprooted, it’s just going to take some time to be settled and feel like you’re home. Every time I would start to throw a pity party, I’d think, “Brittany, stop it. You have so much to be thankful for.” And that’s so true. But I think it’s also okay to feel a little homesick, or miss friends, or miss the AMAZING BOSTON FALL. So here we are, in this fun/weird/transitiony/exciting time. Transitiony is a word, okay? Okay, I’m out.

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