Swim Lessons & Jordan’s Last Day

June 27, 2012

When I first signed up for swim lessons this summer through Texas Tech, I must admit I was skeptical. I was just wondering what a 14 month old would do in the water? But really, the water isn’t his most favorite thing in the world, so I thought if anything, he’d at least become more comfortable with it. Well, it’s been so much fun, and Coop is definitely learning to love the water! I mean, he hasn’t mastered the backstroke or anything, but it sure is fun :)


It’s even more fun when it’s guaranteed we get to see these two every morning for two weeks!


Jordan is wrapping up his last week at work, and his office had a farewell party for him. It was so great to hear stories and celebrate my man. Coop especially enjoyed the ice cream and opening Jordan’s present (he got a Texas Tech football signed by all of his co-workers). I sure am proud of him for working so hard at Tech for three years. He’s put in some crazy hours, but he has always done his job well and joyfully, and has always been happy to come home to his fam. It’s because of his hard work that I get to stay at home with Coop and love on that boy.


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