Thanksgiving and Early Christmas

December 3, 2012

Jordan, Cooper and I got to spend Thanksgiving in Fort Worth, and it was so good to be around family. My parents will be in Mexico for Christmas, so the day after Thanksgiving, we celebrated an early Christmas with them. And it was 80 degrees the whole time. Hilarious.

We were always told that we’d move up from the kid’s table when we had kids ourselves. Now we see that they just told us that so they could have grandbabies, because we’re still at the kid’s table. It’s the place to be!!



The grown up table2012-12-03_004

The whole gang. We were missing A LOT of people, but it was still a fun group!


These sweet boys entertained Coop the whole time. And of course Coop thinks they’re awesome.2012-12-03_007

Every year, the guys play football during the half time of the Cowboys game. Mimi had to rescue Coop a few times.2012-12-03_0082012-12-03_009

For our family Christmas, we went down to the Fort Worth Stockyards and went to a REALLY good restaurant called H3. Thanks to my sista for planning everything! And check out my dad’s ponytail. Ohhh Dude!


The pictures of tractors on my phone were more important to Coop than our family photo.2012-12-03_011

Coop was in little boy heaven with his new train and cars. So much fun!


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