The Everyday Stuff

August 26, 2012

I’m going to start a little something called “The Everyday Stuff,” for the random every day things that go on, and really have no relation to each other. I want to remember all of the stories that go along with these hodgepodge pictures I take with the ol iphone, so here we go…

One day I went for a run… I started running and didn’t want to back track, so I just kept running (yes, you can read this in a Forrest Gump voice) until I came to a bridge. Needless to say, it was a waaaay longer run than normal, but it was so fun to stumble upon this view!


Here are some other pretty sites while walking/running/yogging up and down the Charles River.2012-08-25_011

My little helper. This is what we use to bring our groceries from the car up to the apartment. The trusty ol cart. Except not so trusty, because shortly after I took this picture, the wheel popped off and a meltdown ensued. I think we loaded it down a little too much :) 2012-08-25_013

We’ll go clockwise… Coop’s cheeser face – Aric taught him this face and he does it all the time. So funny.

This yellow side table is one of the many items we’ve found on craigslist! I’m so thankful I have a frugal hubby who makes things like craigslist our BFF. I will say that Boston is a little bit trickier to navigate than Lubbock… Craigslist has most definitely helped us figure out what suburbs are where, and which ones to avoid!

Ohhh be still my heart. I was catching up with Amy on the phone, and Coop was just chillin in my lap for a long time… After 45 minutes or so, I looked down, and he had fallen asleep!! Whaaat?! This hadn’t happened since he was itty bitty… We got real comfy and stayed that way for a long time.

Due to our craigslist adventures, Coop has had a lot of carseat time and he’s been a trooper about it. I cracked up when I saw he fell asleep with his hand IN his snack cup.


Some good, naked, post-bath reading time.


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