We are Nomads

December 12, 2012

Cooper and I have officially lived out of a suitcase (or three) for a little over three weeks. See, we all came to Fort Worth for Thanksgiving, and then Jordan flew back to Boston to finish up classes and finals for three weeks. It’s not my favorite situation, and I miss Jordan like CRAZY (I mean, how in the world did we think this was such a good idea?!), but one thing comes to mind right off the bat. We absolutely have the best friends and family in the whole entire world. They have welcomed us with open arms and have let us make their home ours – and a lot of times, that’s a pretty messy/inconvenient situation, but it’s been wonderful! And on top of that, it’s been really fun.

The weather has been cracking me up (and really challenging my packing skillz). When we first came to Texas in November, it was 80 here, and snowing in Boston. And of course I didn’t pack any summer clothes. Then it snowed in Lubbock last week while it was in the 50’s in Boston… Gotta love it.

We enjoyed playing in the snow at Lindi and Taylor’s house… it’s been so fun having a back yard :)



Jordan gets here Saturday!! Woooohoooo!

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