Wedding Weekend in Iowa

September 3, 2012

My dad was born and raised in South Dakota, and we grew up going there every summer. We never complained either – we LOVED it. We loved (and still do love!) seeing all the family, going to the farm my dad grew up on, visiting all of the hot spots in Rapid City (because it really is a cool place)… And sooo many of our memories involve Uncle Bill and Aunt Cindy’s family, because my sister, Jennifer, and me were the same ages as our cousins, Annie and Teresa. If I was REALLY on top of my game, I would have all kinds of hilarious pictures from our childhood that I could post and laugh about, but I’ll just go ahead and tell you that won’t be happening today. But really, SO many good times. Everything from family trips to Mexico, climbing up the tower on Sand Lake Refuge, rollerblading (because that’s what cool kids do. And apparently a lot of people in Boston do as well!? Why did I leave my rollerblades at home?!), braiding hair, laughing, talking about boys… etc… So that’s a little background for you.

Well, Andrea got married this past weekend in Iowa on her husband’s (!!) parents’ farm. Oh.My.Goodness. It was just perfect. The weather was beautiful, the farm was perfect – everything was so much fun! And of course it was wonderful to see family. I’m learning that family reunions are different now, because catching-up time dwindles when your toddler is about to go head first into a fountain or honk the horn on the gator while Uncle Bill is giving a toast. But it was still so good to see so many lovely faces, even if I had just a few minutes with each person. It was so great to celebrate Andrea and TJ – they’re pretty wonderful.


The top left pic is of me and my sister, Jennifer. Her and Stu were SO SWEET to give Coop and I a ride from Minneapolis to Iowa Falls, so we had a lot of quality time. I loved every second of it. And check out my dad’s pony tail. It’s pretty outrageous. The bottom left pic is my cousin Teresa I was talking about earlier. We both have brown hair, we’re both tall, and we have a love for pickles and sunflower seeds. Our cousin childhood in a nutshell.


We were missing Jordan all weekend! He was hittin the books hard while we were gone.




beautiful andrea!


They’re married!


Aunt Jean is really showing Coop how to have a good time


And so are these girls on the dance floor. Coop has some moves. I mean, we dance a lot and stuff, but he definitely pulls out moves I’ve never seen before.


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